There are many conditions that can affect our daily life, and many of them are genetic. Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to figure out which ones are brought on by our inherited genes, and which ones are things we can deal with. Although it may seem confusing at first, learning which conditions are inherited can help in treating the conditions so that one may live a normal and healthy life.


Many people assume they’re overweight or have a hard time losing weight because of their diet and exercise routine. That isn’t always the case, though; there are some inherited conditions that can make it difficult to lose or maintain your weight.

Prader-Willi Syndrome, for example, is a condition that can lead to obesity and cause someone to be shorter than they’re supposed to be. This is a syndrome that is inherited without any rhyme or reason and can’t be avoided if it runs in one’s family. See your doctor if you find it hard to lose or maintain any weight. There may be a genetic condition that can hinder your weight-loss.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is caused by mutated genes that develop in the breast tissue; these mutations are often passed down within a family. If your family has a history of breast cancer, your likelihood of developing it will be much higher. It’s best to get regular checkups to make sure that no cancer has developed. It’s also important to remember that both men and women can develop breast cancer, so it’s something that everyone should take seriously, regardless of gender.

Heart Disease

If any form of heart disease runs in your family, seek medical attention from your doctor right away. You need to be evaluated to see how strong your heart is and if there is anything you need to change in your daily life to ensure it’s as healthy as it can be. Many people simply need to change their diet and get more exercise to lower their blood pressure and strengthen their heart.


There have been studies that show that alcoholism and other addictive personality traits can be inherited. Unfortunately, alcoholism is widespread; in Arizona, for instance, alcohol is more widely abused than any other substance, with one in four residents admitted to binge drinking in the past 30 days.

If you have developed an addiction to alcohol, consider enrolling in an alcohol rehab in Scottsdale to overcome it; because of the statistics, Arizona has become one of the leading purveyors of alcohol addiction treatment, with Scottsdale being a place many people go to recover.

Addiction can affect the whole family, and not just in an inherited way; everyone can be affected, so getting help as soon as you can is beneficial to everyone’s overall health.


You probably believed that getting acne as a teenager was something that came naturally to everyone, but that isn’t always true. Those who have parents that suffered from intense acne as a teenager will be more prone to having very intense, stubborn acne when they go through their teens and early adult stages of life. There are treatments available to help to minimize the appearance of acne and reduce scarring. You may need to change your diet to help with breakouts as well.


Baldness is another condition that can easily be passed from generation to generation. Baldness affects not only men but also women. Alopecia is a condition that people can inherit from their parents that limit their body’s ability to grow hair. This can lead to minimal hair growth on their head, arms, face, and everywhere else on their body. Alopecia can be very embarrassing to some, so many people choose to try to hide the condition by shaving their head or wearing wigs so that it’s less noticeable to others.


Type 1 diabetes is an inherited condition that causes the body to create higher blood sugar levels than the body needs. Without proper treatment, it can cause obesity, loss of feeling in your appendages, and sometimes blindness. Typically, type 1 diabetes is often treated with insulin, but the amount that each person needs is determined on an individual basis.


Hemophilia is an inherited disorder that causes excessive bleeding when someone is cut or injured. It makes the body unable to clot blood properly, making it difficult for the person to stop bleeding once they start. Hemophilia treatment involves an infusing the blood with the missing blood clotting factor. This can be done at home, but it’s recommended to go to a hemophilia treatment center (HTC) as the centers offer treatment and education for everything related to hemophilia.

If you find out that you have a condition that can be inherited from your parents, you should talk to them about their experience with it. This can help you get some insight into the situation and learn about living with it. You should also seek medical attention for any condition you learn about to ensure that you’re as healthy as you can at all times.