Can you consider opting for the breast augmentation procedure over the age of 40? With childbearing left behind, and menopause soon approaching, several women who are above the age of 40 prefer to choose this procedure when they are above 40. In most cases, younger women decide to go under the knife for the breast augmentation procedure, but this is often for different other reasons.

Some women who do not have children yet also consider the breast augmentation in Atlanta, along with those who already do. However, there are different reasons that each one of these age groups has for opting for the procedure, along with various body goals.

There are several reasons why women over the age of 40 consider this procedure. For most reasons, it’s because they wish to turn back the hands of time. For others in their mid-twenties, their goal is usually to follow the leading fashion trends. There was a time when breast augmentation was only a procedure preferred by women who were in their twenties, but things are no longer the same now, and women even in their twenties choose to opt for breast implants.

If you are above 40 and have concerns, then what important things should you know about the procedure? Is it often the same for younger women or the results will vary? Here’s what you need to know.

What Do Women Actually Want From Their Surgery?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, women between the ages of 20-24 will most likely have smaller breasts. In other words, when they visit clinics for their augmentation procedure, such as Crispin Plastic Surgery, they hope to have better shaped and fuller breasts with a natural appearance.

Typically, women often say they have breast appearance concerns when they are over 40. Aging often leads to a loss of volume in the breasts, especially because of their sagging effects. Women with such concerns often worry about how they feel. They often worry about how their implants would feed, and whether it would interfere with breastfeeding concerns.

Rest assured that regardless of your age, you can breastfeed your child with implants, but this also depends on several factors. Just a minority of women find it difficult to nurse their children after the surgery. However, this isn’t a concern for women who have gone through childbearing.

Some of the Primary Concerns Women Have Regarding their Implants

In most cases, the primary concerns of women over 40’s vary compared to those in their twenties. These often include:

For several women, their concern is whether their breast implants would interfere with having mammograms. When it comes to mammograms and imaging, augmentation is quite safe. When you opt for this procedure, rest assured that surgeons would place the implants under the muscle to put them into a separate area from the glands of the breast.

Skin Resiliency

When you are older, your skin would not actually be as firm or resilient and the best possible outcome would involve the use of implants and the breast lift surgery, which would also have an impact on the implant size, making it less likely to have premature sagging.

Weight Stability

When it comes to weight, it is likely that you will have a more stable time in terms of not having to go through pregnancy. You would most probably be done with having children in your forties. This also means that the results of your breast augmentation will also appear more stable and this would not actually have an impact on breastfeeding and pregnancy after breast implants.

Lifestyle Stability

It is possible that you will have to incorporate steady routine of exercises and regular eating patterns at the age of forty; compared to if you were in your twenties. Although your skin would become resilient as you age, your lifestyle and weight will become a lot more stable, this means that you will also have longer lasting results compared to if you were in your twenties. However, keep in mind that this is something that only actually varies from one patient to the other.

Pre-Augmentation Considerations for Women Over 40’s

You should rest assured that breast augmentation in Atlanta for women over 40’s is a rising trend, there are often some reasons why choosing to go through this surgery at a younger age is advisable, but this doesn’t mean you are not in the safe zone. The truth is women who are in their forties have a better chance at their surgery results compared to women in their twenties. Here’s why.

Those women who are a younger age will have firmer and stronger breasts, and this helps to support the implants better.

In their forties, women will not have to worry about any changes in their breasts, unlike women in their twenties. They would not have to worry about any major changes in the shape of their breasts. In addition, women won’t have to worry about breastfeeding, and how, the results of the surgery would affect their implants.