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Out of all of the senses, the one that sighted people rely on the most is their vision. We depend on our eyes each and every day to send us messages about our world, and this determines how we interact with it. As we get older, exposure to the elements and the natural effects of aging make our sight more vulnerable. Many of us will reach a point in our lives where we require glasses, and some of us may even need surgery. Now that vision technology and medical care is increasingly advancing, depending on the condition of the eye, it’s possible to choose between the girl

Which is for me?

If you have the opportunity to choose between surgery or glasses, here are a few factors you may want to consider:

  • How do you react to surgery? Is laser treatment something you feel you could undergo? What about recovery time?
  • If you don’t already wear glasses and/or contacts, would you be able to adapt to them? Or would you prefer the convenience of not having to use either?
  • Would glasses and/or contacts be a more feasible alternative to surgery?
  • Most importantly, which is guaranteed to offer the most beneficial, long-term health improvement for your vision?

Certainly, corrective surgery is an option that is becoming more readily available. Many clinics now make this highly accessible; you can book a cataract surgery in Houston, New York, Los Angeles, or any city, and receive effective treatment that is life-changing. While there are risks involved (as with any surgery), the outcome has a high success rate.

Being beautiful with lenses:

Some of us may opt for glasses instead, and the most important factors to consider here are durability and comfort. Beauty is also a strong factor, and fortunately, glasses have come a long way from the horned spectacles that used to weigh like anchors. Now, glasses are light, strong, flexible, and sturdy. Glasses also make stunning accessories. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, designed for virtually any face as well as lifestyle. Have angular features? There is a great variety of half-rim, cat eye glasses to match you aesthetically. Enjoy sports? You can find a sturdy but trendy pair.

The four big factors to consider are: contrast, color, proportion, and shape. These will determine which is the best fit; for example, choosing top-heavy frames for an oval face, or rectangular frames for a round face, etc. Many opticians will be able to help you find a pair that works for you in the looks and comfort department.

Stay healthy:

Ultimately, the most effective treatment is prevention. While it’s perfectly natural to need glasses or surgery at an older age, that doesn’t mean we can’t offset it by taking care of our health. As well as taking care of our eyes (say goodbye to the nights of reading under the blanket with a flashlight), maintaining a rich vitamin diet and healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep our vision in its prime condition.