eyebrow embroidery

With developments in technology in various industries, tattoos have been almost everywhere and managed to reach eyebrows too. But when we look at the most beautiful part of the human body, the eye, we tend to go for the eyebrows too and are a little disappointed, if it is not perfect. For the eye, there is a lot of variety that can be worked on, especially with color. For eyebrows, the options are limited. When it comes to colors, you are bound to choose the one that goes with your eyebrow. Apart from tattoos, eyebrow embroidery would suit thinner or uneven eyebrows.

eyebrow embroidery

How long can it last?

The procedure is not quite painful, but shall need you to be patient for an hour or so for it to be complete. And for a couple of weeks, you need to keep your hands off it in order to avoid a smudge or marks near the area. Getting the perfect eyebrow is important. But what is more important is getting it done right. Only qualified personnel can offer such services. The equipment used, the method, the efficiency in choosing a color matters a lot. For instance, there might be a case where you get the color to match precisely with the shade of your eyebrows and step out as a satisfied customer. Little do you realize that this shade shall fade in a couple of weeks and the difference will be more prominent for the next couple of years, if you intend to keep it that way. You may go for another embroidery or even feel like giving up on the idea entirely and just bear with it for the time being. For the embroidery to last longer and better, it is essential that you select the right shade. You can select the right shade if youapproach the right professional.

How to get it done?

If your eyebrows look great, may be having a few gaps but you don’t mind them and are still able to fetch compliments, you may or may not opt for embroidery. Anything else is a reason good enough for eyebrow embroidery. The procedure is quite sophisticated and should not be taken lightly at all. There are people who might offer cheaper rates just for the sake of it and end up giving you a terrible look. Make sure that you go through every other thing thoroughly before selecting your salon.

You can and should check the equipment by yourself and all the minor apparatus should be new. The salons which do that charge a nice $300 – $400 for the same. The steps involved are a little risky too. Only people with experience or the most appropriate training can deliver. Beginning from the outline, it takes a lot of delicate steps. Using the anesthetic cream, cutting a layer of the skin, using the right shade to cover the gaps, all of it takes a lot of patience and skill.

Make sure you do not compromise with any of these and your embroidery will last really long.

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Mark Farley is an aesthetics expert and answers each of your related queries. He educates you about eyebrow embroidery and how long it lasts along with the need to go for the same.