Technological advancements have paved way for quicker, non-invasive solutions for check-ups as well as surgeries. Just like how otolaryngologists buy Heine otoscopes to check for any ear ailments effectively, more doctors as well as patients are relying on non-invasive procedures to get their diagnosis or surgery done. One of these miracles is laser eye surgery. Quicker procedure and shorter recovery time are the key benefits associated with laser eye surgery.

But as it is with any treatment, a good recovery is a must; you need to rest well to avoid any complications that may surface due to improper care. Side effects are also possible, and you should be ready to deal with it confidently so as not worsen the situation. The following methods are the most recommended for post-surgery care:

  1. Rest

The most recommended measure post laser eye surgery is rest for at least 24 hours.  Don’t overexert, simply sit back and relax. Avoid any activity which involves straining your eyes. This includes not watching TV, not using a smartphone or not working on a laptop for at least 48 hours; these have the maximum strain on the eyes.

  1. Avoid Driving

Along with resting, driving too should be avoided for the first 24 hours. The cornea may swell slightly, causing the eyesight to be bit foggy or blurry for the first few hours. Ensure you get picked up from the clinic post the surgery or commute around in a cab only.

  1. Listen to your doctor

One of the best things you can do post-surgery is trust your doctor and listen to his instructions. The aftercare is as important as the surgery itself, and you need to consult your surgeon in case of any questions or discomfort; feel free to explain everything that may be causing you pain or inconvenience. If you experience continued redness and have problems seeing, you must go back to the doctor and get another check-up.

  1. Eye care

Dry eyes is a common side effect, hence, always keep your eyes well-lubricated – you may prescribed eye drops for the same. An eye patch, which you can buy on Smart Medical Buyer, can also help with keeping the eye moist and reducing the chances of infection and strain.

  1. Going back to work

Do not return to work the very next day; give your eye some time to recover at least a day or two before you resume work on your LED screens. When you do go back to work, make sure you take regular breaks. Sit back, close your eyes for a minute or two before resuming work. Avoid exposing your eyes to air conditioning as it can dry your eyes.

  1. Other tips

Small tips for day-to-day activities:

  • In the weeks after your surgery, it is advisable to avoid any strenuous exercises as it can dislodge the healing cornea.
  • Avoid eye make-up for sometime as it can irritate the eyes.
  • Soap or shampoo should also be avoided from getting into the eye. Do not rub your eyes, even if they feel itchy.

If you follow the instructions judiciously, your eyes and your vision should be better than ever. Stay in touch with your ophthalmologist, regular check-ups after surgery are ideal. Efficient TLC, and you’re good to go with a better vision, thanks to laser eye surgery.