In the 2st-century lifestyle of hustle, we often forget that our bodies need exercise. Exercise is the key to not just a good call for a healthy body but also a healthy mind. This is a good reason you should start doing Pilates. They require around 45 minutes of your time and are extremely beneficial for both the body and your mind. Exercise is mostly done in order.

To Have A Better Understanding, We Should Further Discuss the Different Types of Pilate Exercises:

#1. Leg Circle

The leg circle Pilates mostly works in the core of the muscles strengthening them. One has to lie face up with hands on your sides and palms down. Then bend the knee and keep the left foot flat on the floor and lift the right foot slowly to a position that is perpendicular to the floor. The next step would be to circle the right foot and place it on the ground and begin to do the same with the left foot. Make sure to breathe as body needs more oxygen during intense workout.

#2. The 100

The 100 Pilates mostly work on the abdomen region and tightens the muscles. It makes the belly get rid of extra fat and makes movements more flexible. To begin with the exercise, one has to lie with face up towards the ceiling and raise both the legs halfway towards the ceiling to take the position of a 45degree angle. The hands should be on both the sides of the body, palms down and one should pump their hands up and down till the count of 5. A repetitive breathing pattern is necessary to follow with this exercise. Do not clench the jaw tight.

#3. Single Leg Stretch

The Single Leg Pilates work both on the abdominal and the hip muscles. It is a very simple Pilates to practice. To begin with this Pilates, you have to lie face up, bring the knee towards your chest, place one hand on the knee and try to touch it with your head, while the other leg goes straight. For better results, it is important to practice it in cyclical order, with alternate legs. Stretching means the body is relaxing and do not make any sudden move.

#4. Double Leg Stretches

The Double leg stretch is one of the difficult Pilates amongst many. To begin with, one has to lie face up as usual and bring both knees towards the chest, then curl their head up and try bringing their head as close to the knees. Then, they have to extend their legs out in front along with their hands over the top of their head. Try to get the legs as straight as they can whilst keeping the lower back on the floor. Then again, circling the hands around and pulling the knees closer to the chest shall follow.

#5. The Teaser

This Pilates helps in working with the neck muscles in general. You have to lie with chin up towards the ceiling and pull your head up and close to the legs that stretch at a 45 degrees angle towards the ceiling. The Pilates on success would create a V shape with your torso and your legs.

“The 100’’ and “the Elephant” are mostly Pilates. Pilates can be done on an exercise mat at the comfort of your home and does not require you to go to a huge gymnasium. It would provide you with sculpted muscles and good flexibility. Though Pilates is not aerobics, compiled with aerobics it is very healthy and ensures a good lifestyle. Pilates helps strengthens and shape muscles mostly in legs and arms. It helps boost flexibility in the joints and also increases mobility. If you are confused of the posture never hesitate to consult a professional. It is never good to do incorrect postures. One slight mistake and the body and get injured with serious conditions.

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