Today, great treatments are available if you would like to get rid of the fat tissue in some body areas. Usually, those body areas are stomach, thighs, buttocks and double chin. Depending on the amount of fat tissue, you can rely on different treatments which can be non-surgical or surgical.


Coolsculpting or cryo lipolysis will remove your fat cells in a specific way. The treatment targets an area of the body, where it is difficult to remove fat tissue by exercise and diet. The treatment is non-invasive, which means that it does not involve cuts, surgery or anaesthetic. This is a safe procedure, but people should know that there are some possible side effects.

The procedure will reduce fat cells by freezing them to the level where they will break down. The great thing about this procedure is that affects only the fat cells while surrounding tissue stays untouched. The skin will be vacuumed into the applicator that will cool down the fat cells. You may notice that your treated area is numbed, and you may feel a cooling sensation.

You can remove fat deposits with cool sculpting

Most cool sculpting procedures last about an hour, and most importantly, there is no recovery period, because there is no damaged tissue or skin. The cost varies due to different factors, but if you live in Australia, you can get more information on cool sculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is the affordable option for this non-invasive treatment.

You should be aware that after this procedure, your final results will appear after a few months because that is a necessary time for fat cells to leave the body. Your fat tissue will decrease by about 20%.


Liposuction has always been an option for the fight against the unwanted fat tissue. If you are struggling with some larger fat tissue, you can be a good candidate for this procedure. Before the surgery, the doctor will do an evaluation of your health, and if you suffer from some medical issue or you have an illness that can cause some serious risks after the surgery. 

Liposuction is great for stomach fat

With liposuction procedure, you can treat areas such as thighs, stomach, buttocks, fat under the chin and upper arm. During the liposuction procedure Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, you will be under general or local anaesthesia, depending on the area that you would like to treat. There will be small cuts that will heal fast, but your treated area will need more time to recover.

The recovery time lasts around one to four weeks, depending on your body’s ability to heal. During this period, you will have to wear compression bandage, to support your treated tissue and to reduce swelling and bruises. Some people may require pain killers for the first couple of days. 

Final word

Before you decide to undergo a liposuction procedure, try to change your lifestyle with regular exercise and a healthy diet. If that doesn’t give you desirable results, you should consider liposuction procedure.