It is increasingly common to hear that someone has anxiety. But I don’t think we should get used to this. Nor to take medication for anxiety.

Take pills for a distortion of thought? Has no sense.

It is for this reason that I want to help you with this article to discover how to cure anxiety naturally.

Who am I and what will I teach you?

We can say that the scientific and proven cognitive-behavioral psychology agreed, with mindfulness, yoga, hypnosis and coaching.

This is my formal, academic definition. However, I would like to tell you my personal experience with anxiety.

 I have also experienced anxiety very close…

Before being a psychologist, I must reveal to you that my circumstances were not good at all. In fact, probably because of this, I became interested in psychology.

In my family there were always many problems among my parents. Especially because of my father’s addiction to alcohol and other drugs.

This meant that, on the one hand, my father was never at home. And on the other, that my mother was always upset and anxious. Since it was true, you never knew what you were going to find at home.

This whole situation caused that on several occasions, as a teenager, due to the helplessness I felt when not being heard by my parents, I suffered an episode of anxiety.

These bad experiences led me to look for answers and solutions outside the home.

So years later, I ended up studying psychology, and here you are today, with the goal of helping as many people as possible who don’t have to relive situations like these.

Now that we know each other a little better, we will fully enter into what anxiety is and how we can cure it naturally.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is considered a mental disorder in the DSM you can use medicines from, the manual of statistical diagnosis of mental disorders.

However, it must be made very clear that specific episodes of anxiety can be experienced, and this does not mean that you will always have to be wrong.

There are many ways in which anxiety can be expressed. In fact, many times symptoms are barely shown.

That is, the person does apparently normal life. But inside, there is an excess of worry, fear or avoidance of certain situations or people.

For me this is the worst anxiety, the silent one. Since if it does not make noise, and it is not seen, it is often more difficult to identify and change it.

However, other times the anxiety is so evident, that despite being talking about a mental disorder, it manifests itself physically.

Let’s meet the noisiest symptoms of anxiety.

 Anxiety symptoms

If the discomfort caused by anxiety begins due to the distortion of a thought, imagine how poorly formulated it is, or the intensity it is given, so that your body also expresses it.

If you feel, or someone close to you feels the following symptoms, it means that the state of anxiety intensity is quite high, and its treatment is urgent:


  • Dizziness and headaches without medical cause.
  • Excessive sweating in the hands or cold sweats in situations that are lived as stressful.
  • Fear of feeling palpitations in the chest.
  • Fear of fainting, dying or something negative happening to you without apparent cause.

This is the visible part of anxiety, but we must remember that it is a mental disorder, so the cause is always in our perception of things. What we have to correct.

Before continuing, I want to remind you that it is important that you relax in this process.

First because you are not the only one, and second because it is not done in two days. So the best thing you can do is learn from this situation. Notice that we all suffer different crises throughout our lives, the important thing is to get stronger.

 What treatment to choose to cure anxiety naturally?

In this case, when I talk about curing anxiety naturally, I am not talking about taking herbs.

It can be done in a complementary way. But mainly, I will talk to you about how to cure anxiety through your own personal resources.

Boosting your internal control locus. That is, your own capacity and potential, without resorting to external resources, whether natural or chemical.

Since in the end they are ways to outsource the responsibility. And therefore, the solution, which is in you.

Let’s see where and how you can start.

I love that the treatment with the greatest scientific evidence of our times, is at the same time, a natural treatment to cure anxiety.

And it is that cognitive-behavioral therapy has been shown to be the most effective for managing anxiety, such as depression, phobias and other mental disorders such as eating behavior problems.

I know it has a strange name, but it could really translate into Christian in something like: The therapy of thought and behavior. What comes to say that we are going to work correcting thoughts, habits, routines and attitudes?

In thought and action is the essence to make the change we need. If you correct thinking, automatically also improve your body and your life.

There are other tools and disciplines that also help you correct your thinking and behavior to cure anxiety naturally, and therefore, can be combined with this main treatment.

Other supplements to cure anxiety naturally The more factors together to enhance your well-being, the sooner and better you will feel.

So my advice is that, keeping your main treatment, try several things, to learn different resources. Thus, you will be creating your own tool bag that will help you feel safe in any type of situation.


Today, mindfulness is also included in cognitive behavioral therapy. However, its origin and possibilities go much further.

Mindfulness is a type of meditation. We have entered our society very well since it is not subject to any religion. It is something that anyone from any place, age and condition can practice and benefit from simply breathing.

There are many benefits of mindfulness; however, speaking of anxiety, the main improvements that you will feel when practicing on a regular basis are the following:

Calm and tranquility.

You will feel how little by little you learn to observe with more perspective, and therefore, to disengage yourself from toxic thoughts and emotions.

Regulate emotions. You will feel more serene as you practice more.

Self-control and reduction of impulsivity.

Personal security and self-confidence.

To start getting these benefits now and overcome anxiety, you can start with this mini course of introduction to mindfulness that I have prepared for you.