We all seek to define different areas of your body, so we choose different methods. Take note of which are the most effective exercises for women and start defining your body. Take advantage of the fact that summer is about to start and try one of these easy practices.

Women seek to tone the buttocks, legs, and abdomen. But sometimes it goes beyond the fact of how others will see us. Wanting to look good is part of the need for ourselves to be happy with our bodies. However, it is not necessary that you kill yourself working out in the gym.

Therefore, look at the 5 best exercises to have that perfect body that we all long for.

Top of the most effective exercises for women

  1. – LUNGES

It is ideal for toning buttocks and thighs. This is a little difficult exercise if you are starting to train because it is based on balance. But once you are used to it, you can do the modality that includes a small jump.

Squatting requires that you maintain a straight posture and that you do not take very long or short steps. To really work, you must lower your trunk to knee height with every step you take.


One of the most effective exercises for women who want to have a flat abdomen is this.

A variety of abdominals, with which the lower abdominals are specially worked and consists of bringing the legs to the trunk, trying not to strain the neck as much. With this exercise, you should be aware of the repetitions you can do, because if you push yourself too hard, you can injure yourself.

To do this, you must fully extend your legs and arms on the floor. Then place your arms next to the trunk, palms flat on the floor. They should not move at any time during the exercise.


Perfect for activating the oblique part of the abdominal muscle, hips, and glutes. Even the arms work with this complete exercise that helps burn fat.

The word “no pain, no gain” honors this practice. Although the abdomen hurts the first time you do it, we assure you that there is no better exercise. If you want to show off a toned body, despite the pain, do 3 sets of 60 seconds of the Iron.

  1. – BRIDGE

A popular exercise since you was a child. The only thing you must be aware of in each repetition is to tighten your buttocks well and when going down, try not to rest them on the ground. Also, you should not touch it before the next repetition.

It’s fun and it’s done fast. This is usually one of the most effective exercises for women. Great coach’s worldwide command to do it. This is because no machine or artifact is needed for that.

Dare to do it, and it shows that it is one of the most effective exercises for women.


Find a firm chair at home, and climb on it like a step platform. First one leg, then the other and go down in the same way. An excellent workout for your glutes and back of the thigh.

This exercise routine can be done at home and with dedication in a short time, you will notice the results. With practice, you will be able to make them perfect. But you must be careful not to injure yourself while doing them.

You don’t have to be a fitness person. You just need a chair and the desire to tone your legs and glutes. For this, you must perform 4 series of 20 climbs daily. For more information visit website: http://www.vtight-gel.com

Enjoy the most effective exercises for women and wear that perfect body!