Nursing a fracture is never easy. Many try to limit their movement as much as they can to make sure that they are not slowing down the natural healing process. Well, this was a notion from the days gone by.

Doctors these days, especially the ones associated with prominent orthopaedic care clinics like the ones present in Savannah urgent care, ask their patients to remain as active as they physically can.

With that information in mind, you should also keep this in mind that you would need to do things differently from now on for as long as you are recovering from the fracture. Read the following sections where you will be getting some tips that would make your life easier after a fracture.

Make room in your home for you to move freely

The first order of business will be to rearrange all the furniture in your home. You must make sure that there is a lot of room for you to move freely. Ask for help from friends and family to help you move around all the clutter in your home.

Words of advice – never even try to shift heavy items like furniture on your own, especially when you are recovering from a fracture.

Change the way you move and hire a therapist for best results

Recovering from a fractured hip or spine is excruciating, to say the least, which is why you need to move differently if you want to recover faster. In case you are recovering from a spine fracture, you must always try to remain upright. Never slouch, whether standing or sitting. Slouching can alter the shape of your spine which would be very bad for you in the long run.

Avoid rotating your torso or swivel from side to side. For best results, it is a great idea to hire a professional therapist who would oversee that you are doing your daily tasks safely.

Make sure that you are changing the way you cook food

Make cooking your daily meal a tad bit easier by simply asking your friends, family or colleagues to cook for you. If that is not at all feasible then you can start ordering your groceries online.

You can save a lot of time going for pre-cut and pre-washed fruits and vegetables. While cooking, make sure that you are sitting on a stool, instead of standing. Standing for long hours is as bad as sitting on a sofa indefinitely. On top of that, you can also go for healthy, ready-to-eat meals that you can simply put in the microwave and eat.

Be sure to ask the grocery delivery guy to place the heavy bags on the kitchen counter so that you won’t have to lift them up. Even if you plan on doing so, make sure you are dragging the bags instead of lifting them. It will cut the stress exerted on your fractured bones – which is a good move right!?

Summing this up with another cool piece of advice – when you are recovering from a fracture, it is never a bad idea to ask from your loved ones, friends and colleagues for all your transportation needs. Ask for a ride every now and then. If that is an issue for you then do call for app cabs but don’t fail to mention about your condition. In that way, you can not only steer clear of the stress of driving a vehicle but also reach your destination safely.