Staying in good shape has become a hard nut to crack for people especially that have hectic schedule. These days, regular exercises and taking part in sport activities has become the common phenomenon. People, especially the children are high risk of getting injured while engaging in exercise and sports, which may have a detrimental effect on their life for a long time or may be for the whole life. Sports medicine physician Dallas has been practicing in the sport injuries for the last few years and the most common sports injuries are thoroughly described below:

Types of sports injuries

Anybody can get sports injuries if one does not warm up appropriately before the doing exercise, applies improper exercise technique, have not been regularly active or plays contact sports. The Diverse types of sports injuries show different signs and complications and the most common are elaborated further;

  • Pulled Muscle

It is also called muscle strains and usually occurs when the muscles are torn and overstretched while doing physical activities. The warning signs of muscle strains include swelling on the affected area, loss of strength or severe pain while using the muscle. The muscle strains either can be mild or moderate, only the professional can tell which type of muscle strain did the patient get. If it is not properly diagnosed or treated well, it can cause the complete damage to the affected body part or loss of functioning.  

  • Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain arises when a person lifts a heavy weight or overuses the back for doing something. Usually women suffer from lower back pain due to excess doing of household chores, athletics as well may suffer from this back strain. But, this type of back strain does not require any medical treatment as it resolves by its own over the time.  The patient with lower back pain can take rest or anti-inflammatory medications in severe pain. If you regularly do the same exercises then this pain can hit you, so try to use diverse form of exercise and increasing the duration of the workout can prevent you from this problem. When all the above do not work it is advised to get diagnosed from the sports medicine physician Dallas to get proper treatment and to stop it for making it worse.

  • Knee injuries

This is the most common injury in athletes; it refers to the any injury which directly interferes with the functioning of the knee joint. Overstretching of muscle causes Knee injury and, a tear in the muscles or tissues in the knee can be a reason of this injury. The types of knee injuries include Torn ACL, Torn MCL, iliotibial band syndrome, tendinosis, Torn PCL, Torn LCL and runner’s knee. Most of the knee injuries occur due to a blow to or twist of the knee, running too hard without proper warm-up or improper landing after a jump.

  • Fracture

It is also known as Bone Fracture or Acute Fracture. It is occurred due to either the acute stress on the bone or quick injury to the bone. Fracture can usually happen on legs and arms in sports. But the women are the more prone of stress fractures. It causes extreme pain while activity. Generally, rest for 40 days is prescribed for healing it completely. Moreover, a special shoe or a buttress is also advised to diminish the strain on the bone, which helps curing.

  • Shoulder Injuries

A fall or blow may be a cause a dislocated Shoulder. In this type of injury, the top of the arm bone is popped out of the shoulder socket. Sometimes it can give you severe damage of the tissue and nerves around the shoulder joint. The other form is shoulder injury is separated shoulder. In this injury, the collarbone of a person may move out of location and also can shove against the skin near the top of the shoulder. Rock climbing, Skiing, Football, Hockey or Soccer sports types pose a high risk of this injury.

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