Bentonite is a mineral that comes from many different kinds of clay. As a mineral, that simply means it is an inorganic material that occurs naturally. Organic simply means something that contains carbon. Bentonite is a fairly common component of different kinds of soil and mud, but it is hard to find in a specialised form. However, the 21st century has brought many different advances. One of those advances is the ability to isolate, create, and purify different kinds of minerals. That ability means you can buy certain kinds of minerals that will help you in your personal and professional life. Bentonite is one of those minerals; it is commonly used as a laxative and a desiccant. That might not sound very interesting, but it’s actually more useful than you think.

Bentonite as a Bulk Laxative

Bentonite has many healing benefits, but its benefits as a laxative are probably the most well-known. Its laxative properties are very effective as well as being very natural. There are many laboratory-made laxatives that are very harsh on your system; when you have a laxative that is not very safe, you risk dehydration. A natural laxative such as bentonite lowers your risk of dehydration. Also, since it is natural, it is much less expensive than some of the laboratory created materials. It is naturally occurring, which means it is a renewable resource. As a laxative, bentonite is very useful for constipation and even some very limited weight loss applications. It also has a lot of use as a desiccant.

Bentonite as a Desiccant

Most people are aware of silica gel, which includes the white packets that you might find in processed food. Silica gel is very good at absorbing moisture from everything surrounding it. That feature makes it great for preventing certain kinds of food from moulding or mildewing. By many measures, bentonite is actually twice as powerful as a desiccant as silica gel. That feature is very useful for skin care applications.

There are many different kinds of blemishes that come from moisture or oil on your skin. If you have discolourations or pimples, they could be caused by a buildup of moisture in hot and humid environments. Those who spend a lot of time working or exercising outside have to really worry about keeping their skin from being too moist for too long. Hot and moist environments are the preferred environments for moulds, mildews, and bacteria. If you have a skincare regimen that incorporates a bentonite-based skin product, you can remove a large amount of moisture from your skin, which will help you to reduce moisture-based skin blemishes. A solid regime of skincare that incorporates bentonite can reduce tinea versicolour, pimples, and many other afflictions.

Bentonite has a lot of different applications, both internally and externally. Internally, it has a great use as a bulk laxative that is very natural. Externally, it has a great use as part of a skin care routine.