One of the basic requirements of mankind is access to clean drinking water. But unfortunately, even this basic need is not fulfilled today. Most of the water supply is non-drinkable as it has high salt content or it is contaminated in some way or the other. Drinking this contaminated water leads to many health problems, which can even turn fatal. A common kind of bacteria that is present in contaminated drinking water is E.coli.  If you want to get rid of this kind of harmful bacteria from drinking water, use an appropriate water purifier. Read on to get to know more about E.coli bacteria and ways to get rid of it from drinking water.

What Is E.coli?

  1. coli in itself refers to a wide range of bacteria, which can be the root cause of various diseases like diarrhoea, pneumonia, urinary tract infections and gastrointestinal problems. The various strains of this bacterium produce toxin in the body. If these bacteria infect you, the symptoms usually appear in 2-4 days, though in some cases it can also take up to 8 days. These are transmitted from one person to another by oral/faecal route and through contaminated food or water.

The Best Way to Get Rid of E.coli from Drinking Water

The best way to prevent this kind of bacteria from entering your body is to drink purified water. Getting a water purification system, which gives you safe, pure and potable water for consumption, is the need of the hour.

Besides drinking the purified water from a water purifier, you should also wash fruits and vegetables and cook them in clean water to stay protected. The best way to get purified water is either by using an RO water purifier or a UV purifier. Both these technologies are highly effective at getting rid of E. coli bacteria.

UV Water Purifiers for Getting Rid of E.coli Bacteria

The ultraviolet purifiers use UV rays to kill E.coli along with other microbes like Salmonella, Cryptosporidium, Coliform Bacteria, Giardia and many other waterborne microorganisms. These microbes are responsible for causing a number of diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, flu, tetanus, cholera, Meningitis and hepatitis to name a few.

When the water passes through the UV purifier, the UV rays penetrate through the cells of the bacteria. These rays destroy the capability of these bacteria to reproduce, thus rendering them ineffective.

RO Water Purifiers for Getting Rid of E.coli Bacteria

The other commonly used technology in the water purifiers for getting rid of E.coli bacteria is Reverse Osmosis (RO). In this water purification system, the water is allowed to flow from a region of higher solute concentration towards that of lower solute through a semi-permeable membrane. As the water passes through with pressure, the water molecules go through the membrane, while the impurities get stuck behind the membrane as they are bigger in size than the water molecules.

RO purifiers may cost a little more than the UV technology, but then they provide cleaner water. The water you get after treatment from an RO purifier is better in terms of both taste and colour.

If you want to eradicate E.coli bacteria from drinking water, a water purification system based on UV or RO technology is your best bet. With the water pollution levels and waterborne diseases increasing at an alarming rate, getting a purifier installed is no more an option but mandatory.