With the advancement of the medical sciences, the eye surgeries are also seeing many changes in it. Now a day it is the Lasik surgery which is getting a lot of popularity and also the success rate. It is having the high success rate and so being preferred by both the surgeon and the patients. Moreover, it is a matter of few hours without any discomfort. So getting habituated with this people is keen to know more about these kinds of surgeries. There are different types of Lasik surgery. And here the details of the different surgeries are being described in short as an idea.

laser eye surgeroy

Different Types of Eye Surgeries

There are different types of laser eye surgery which are being taken for the treatment of different kinds of eye problem:


LASEK: the full form is laser assisted subepithelium keratomileuissis. It is one types of photorefractive laser methodology which make use of alcohol to make the epithelium layer soft and thus helps in removing. This is a method which is being adopted for the faster healing.


EPI- Lasik: it is another form of Lasik surgery, but it is much simpler than the original Lasik one. A special kind of separator is being used to separate the epithelium, and then the shaping of the connective tissue takes place.


Coming to the original Lasik- it is the painless method that is being preferred by most of the people. And a metal blade is being used to cut the flap of the cornea. And then a soft contact lens is being us to hold the flaps and do the necessary changes.


RLE is the other one which stands for the refractive lens exchange. It is the similar kind of surgery like the cataract surgery which involves the replacement of the eye lens and put the new one.  A plastic or silicone based lens is being replaced after a small cut is being made at the side of the cornea.


 And another one is the PREELEX which is similar to the presbyopic lens exchange and is used in case one loses the flexibility of the eye. In this case, the original lens is being replaced. And it is being substituted by the multifocal lens. Thus it is the sort form of the Presbyopic lens exchange. It is also very common and thus helps the doctor to do the surgery within a limited period and also without any pain

With all these types of eye surgeries, people are getting habituated with this entire one. Now having an eye surgery is not at all a big deal. Within few hours you can have the surgery and also can come back to the normal life within few days. Sometimes a few side effects are seen in some patients. But they are also for few months after which they naturally vanish. All these are being used in India, US, Canada and many other countries of the world. Thus they are also showing up success to the doctor and patient.