Getting a trendy tan look is something that everyone craves for. In fact, it is a real hot accessory you would hope to possess to make heads turn your way.

Being sickly pale is not something you would wish on anyone. But achieving that perfect tanned look is not that easy. For one, you need to expose your skin to sunlight, which is not a good thing for the skin. So, what do health conscious people who nevertheless want that tanned look opt for?-Spray tanning

Spray tanning is a very good alternative to consider when you want a glorious bronze glow but without the effort needed to get the tan by exposing to natural sunlight and its harmful UV rays.

What does spray tanning involve?

Spray tanning process is a kind of tanning where you spray a mist on your body. The mist used for tanning is made of a key ingredient DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). This ingredient reacts with skin and turns it into bronze or tan.

Here are some facts about spray tanning mist

  • The spray tanning is a temporary effect.
  • It lasts for a week at the maximum.
  • It is completely safe
  • The results are quite good

It is the preferred choice of many celebrities as they can get the mist tan of their choice whenever they want it and in a short time.

How do I get the tan?

Mist tan is applied using different types of devices.

  1. You can go to a mist tanning salon and have the tan on inside a booth. These booths are specially designed with several jets and nozzles. These spray mist onto your body.
  2. An airgun or airbrush is used to spray the mist on your skin. The devices are similar to the paint guns that are normally used in paint jobs. These are mobile and smaller devices when compared to the booth model.
  3. A bottle is used to direct the spray.

Which type of device is better?

Mist spray from a booth is a preferred option by many as the solution is sprayed all over simultaneously. Thus you get the work done quickly when compared to the other types. And it is cheaper too.

Why you should go for Mist tanning?

Mist tanning methods are much sought after when you want to use the tan as a temporary touch up process. You can find several tanning mist brands in the market that are very effective.

Here’s why mist tanning is great for you:

  • It is possible to achieve a natural looking and beautiful tan without the risk of sun exposure, freckles, leathery skin, wrinkles, and other related issues.
  • The session lasts for about a minute. You can acquire a tan that rivals the real tan look.
  • It is not necessary to go in for multiple tanning sessions to get the base tan look as this offers a very good tan.
  • Is suitable for any type of skin including people who cannot tan in the conventional way.
  • Stretch marks, veins, bruises and other blemishes are camouflaged expertly.
  • With the hot tan look, you will appear 10 pounds less in weight.

With the right custom mist tanning procedure, you can get a precise and even tan all over. And with affordable rates on the various procedures, getting that much admired tanned look is not far off.