If you have just been treated for advanced vein therapy, you must know that the recovery period usually depends on the type of varicose surgery (endovenous-laser-ablation or ambulatory phlebectomy) you have had. The amount of time it will take to recuperate from vein therapy will depend on your treatment procedure and how well your metabolism responds to the post-treatment phase. It is best to consult a professional surgeon before your surgery to prepare yourself in time for quick recovery. Here are a few tips to help you make the best of your post-surgical recovery period.

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Generally, advanced vein surgery procedures take around 45-60 minutes and the surgeon may allow you to return home the same day. However, most treatments will generally require a stay at the clinic that may last a day or two. I advise you to consult your surgeon before you go ahead with the operation to get a clear understanding of the duration of your recovery and the precautions you must take to avoid any negative effects. You should expect your recuperation duration to be around 1-2 weeks. However, for patients who have undergone leg surgery, the recovery phase can take a bit longer. Furthermore, check with your doctor for mild painkillers you might need (ibuprofen is good in most cases) to reduce stinging or burning sensation in the legs, a symptom you may experience during the phase.

Take the Suggested Precautionary Measures

Being vigilant about the precautions you must take to ensure seamless recovery, is vital. It will ward off any risks such as slow healing and delayed recuperation. It is normally advised that you put on your compression stockings for a minimum of three days, avoid taking any swim sessions or a shower until after 24-48 hours. Use lukewarm water to bathe your surgical wound and do not sit and stand for a long duration. Compression stockings and lightweight socks help optimize the blood circulation within your body and minimize the risk of recurrence. Wear them for at least 72 hours and take them off only for bathing or shower.

Focus On A Less Strenuous Workout Schedule

While you may be tempted to go for your regular gym sessions of heavy lifting or vigorous physical engagement, doctors recommend opting for a lighter, less stressing workout. With a mild exercise plan ready to put into action, generally after 2 weeks of your surgical treatment, you will feel an improved blood flow. In addition, keep a check on your diet for the energy boost required for your workout. Note that the amount of physical activity needed by your body for a quick recuperation will depend on the response time, which might be affected due to anesthesia or any pain in the legs.

Keep the Follow-Up Care in Mind

I recommend you visit your surgeon for a follow-up ultrasound within 24-72 hours of the advanced vein therapy. A follow-up inspection procedure from the healthcare expert is necessary to check if the vein has properly closed. In some cases, patients may also experience a condition known as Phlebitis, which is characterized by inflammation in the legs or lumps. If you notice such a symptom, please consult your surgeon immediately to get the best treatment.