Medical marijuana doctors have long recognized the benefits of cannabis on health, including on pain relief, mood boost and fitness. Speaking of fitness, cannabis has also been used by athletes, weight losers and fitness seekers to boost their energy during physical activities and workouts.  In the following, let’s discuss more about how medical cannabis can be as good as coffee, fruits, water and vitamin D regarding boosting exercise performance.

But First Coffee

If there is one substance that’s been featured in numerous studies and research, it has to be caffeine.

For many years, it has been taunted to be one of the most effective substances around in helping athletes train harder and longer and perform better in physical activities and sports.

In fact, both amateur and professional athletes consume caffeine, either as a drink or as an ergogenic herbal supplement, to boost performance for a wide range of physical activities, including racket, football, cycling, running and weightlifting.

Backing up on its exercise benefits, studies have also pointed out that caffeine can tie up in the brain receptors, which detect adenosine, making these receptors more alert.

In addition, the substance can also stimulate the central nervous system, promoting a more effortless and painless exercise, including on activities, such as high intensity sprinting or training.  

Finally, it can also increase the number of muscle fibers used in exercise, promoting better contractions and leading to more forceful and frequent movements.

When it’s best to take caffeine?  Timing is important. Know that it is absorbed by the body within 45 minutes following consumption, with peak effects ranging between 30-75 minutes. So generally, you must drink a cup of coffee about an hour before exercise.

Water and Fruits

More than 75% of muscle tissue is water.  

When the body lacks water supply, it becomes more fatigued, leading to poor performance.  

So if you want to prevent this from happening but keep physical power, strength and both aerobic and anaerobic capacity high, you should drink water when you’re feeling fatigued before going back to your routine.

Another effect of having inadequate water in the body before, during and after a workout is a drop in blood volume and pressure, resulting to dizziness and fatigue.

On the other hand, fruits are also valuable when it comes to boosting your workout energy. To get the best results, you should opt for easily digestible fruits for an immediate supply of carbohydrates.

A few great sources include apples and bananas, both loaded with fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C.

However, avoid fruits belonging to the citrus family because they can hinder workout performance due to stomach cramps.

Bottom line, drinking water before, during and after a workout and eating easily digestible fruits before it can aid in better energy levels.

Vitamin D or Trendy Medical Cannabis

Part of a consistent workout, you shouldn’t forget to add vitamin D in the mix because it improves immune health and bone health, helping you become more consistently engaged (and present) in your trainings due to lower risk of illness or injury.

Vitamin D can also help in enhancing your fitness routine because it helps your body become more efficient in utilizing oxygen.

In addition, scientists discovered that individuals with enough vitamin D in their bodies could have a boost in energy during their physical activities and achieve better exercise abilities.

Moreover, they noted that vitamin D helps in reducing one’s risk of heart disease.

Following up, some studies have revealed that individuals who work out regularly have higher levels of this vitamin.

It’s not just vitamin D that can improve exercise energy, though, because there is medical cannabis. In the recent years, it’s been taunted as one of the best aids for a healthy lifestyle because it improves mood, enhances eating habits and boosts exercise performance.

So, what’s the connection between cannabis and exercise? Just like what cannabis marketing experts reveal, MMJ promotes increased aggression for less inhibited and more intense workouts.

That’s good news especially among those who are struggling to find a motivation from time to time.

In addition, medical marijuana can increase your oxygen intake needed for muscle energy, increasing muscle movements for more reps and sets.

Final Thoughts

Definitely, medical marijuana offers plenty of benefits especially for those looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle because it boosts workout and sports performance.  So aside from water, fruits and vitamin D, you might want to ask nearby medical marijuana doctors for an MMJ prescription to boost workout performance.