What is vaginal dryness and how it effects?

The wall of thevagina is lubricated with a thin layer of fluid. Estrogen hormone helps to retain that fluid and keeps the lining of vagina healthy and elastic. A drop in estrogen levels reduces the amount of moisture available and makes the vagina thinner and less elastic.Vaginal dryness can occur at any age and due to several causes. But it is the most common symptom of menopause. This dryness becomes more pronounced after menopause. Vaginal dryness can be extremely annoying; it can lead to itching, burning sensation, loss of vaginal elasticity and painful sex.

Implementing and maintaining a proper diet

A proper diet is the first thing to start for combating vaginal dryness. A diet high in fatty acids can help in producing additional vaginal lubrication. Poor diet and hydration will affect vaginal lubrication and discharge. Incorporate nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, cranberry juice and other foods based on are commendation from gynaecologist to your diet.

Using natural ingredients as vaginal wash

Maintaining and up keeping of vaginal hygiene is an important day to day activity. There are several natural ingredients that can be used as avaginal wash. It is always recommended to use natural ingredients than over the counter products for vaginal hygiene. Consult with your gynaecologist to see what can be best suited for you.

Clinical treatments for infections

Treatment for vaginal dryness depends on the cause. It can be due to change in hormones, medications, insufficient arousal, irritants in soaps, hygiene products, douching and psychological or emotional factors. Women with hormonal issues can benefit from estrogen therapy. Talk to your gynaecologist for proper treatments.

How to take care

You need to ensure that your vagina is more lubricated. Try using moisturisers which your gynaecologist suggests. Also, apply lubricants before intercourse. Avoid using certain products like vinegar, yogurt, hand lotion, bubble baths, anti-bacterial soaps. These might irritate your vagina.

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