Even though most people are living longer due to healthier lifestyles, they still may need help as they get older. Many seniors cannot live on their own, and sometimes their care is more than their relatives can handle with their busy lifestyles. If you need to find some place to live where you will be safe or get help with daily care, you usually have the choice of independent living, an assisted living centre or a nursing facility.

Seniors care

What Is Independent Living?

An independent living facility allows seniors the privacy of living in their own apartments, but they have access to care when it is needed. In some facilities, they don’t have to cook or clean for themselves, as there is a staff on hand to help them with those chores if necessary. Seniors that are able to choose independent living can enjoy restaurant style dining, participate in scheduled activities, and attend religious services, but have the added benefit of getting medical assistance whenever necessary.

What Is Assisted Living?

Seniors who need more care can choose an assisted living option. They still have their own space in which to live, but they have access to more services if they need additional help with daily care. The onsite staff can assist seniors with bathing, grooming, getting dressed or toileting if they cannot do so on their own. In addition, staff will make sure residents’ rooms are kept tidy. Their meals will be prepared in accordance with their dietary needs, and they can get assistance with medication management as well.

When someone opts for an assisted living plan, the care homes in Oxfordshire will create a customised plan to care for their individual needs. Any dietary restrictions will be followed. They will be assigned an area within the facility where they will get the best care, and they can also participate in programmes that will allow them to socialise with the other residents. An assisted living centre also has trained medical staff on hand to ensure the safety of the residents and to attend to medical emergencies.

What Is a Nursing Facility?

A nursing home or facility is designed to take care of residents who need around the clock medical care. This could be a patient who has suffered a stroke and is totally dependent on others for care, or it could be someone who has been diagnosed with dementia. Seniors who need constant care will be placed in a section of the facility that best suits their needs, and there will be a nursing staff on hand to help them get the care they need.

Many companies offer all three types of senior living on the same campus, or they may have a variety of smaller facilities throughout the same area. Sometimes if a patient needs memory care or has special needs, they will be placed in a smaller home so they can get the individualised care that they need. These are three options to consider for seniors no longer able to live alone.