There was a time when people used blade and blade holder for savings purposes but those days are gone, now instead of doing is manually people are opting for Electric Razor for comforts to meet the accelerated pace of life. It will not be wrong to say that electric razors have replaced the traditional manual saving using blades. It is also the need of this generation who don’t have so much time; electric razors give you smooth and clean shaven looks in very less time. One of the major advantages of using Electric Razor is they do not come to close to the skin thereby they prevent the cuts and bruises.  But there are some points which we have to consider before buying and an electric razor. I will give you some important points so that you can choose your perfect The Electric razor.

Design and shape of the razors

Yeah, this plays an important role in shaving. Different razors have different designs, Shapes, and sizes. For a good saving experience, the design and shape of the electric razors must be in such a way that it is comfortable to hold it and move across your face because if you are not comfortable in holding the razor then definitely you will not get the desired shaving experience.

Purpose of Shaving- Shavers or Trimmers

It’s your choice that you want to shave on a daily basis or you just want to trim your facial hair, based upon that you have to choose your razor. Foil blade razors are the best for the peoples who do shaving on daily basis, else there are various trimmers are available for trimming purposes

Mobility for electric razors

Mobility plays an important role in saving purposes so; it is an important factor to consider. It is always advisable to purchase those majors which have plug-in charging units so that you can take it anywhere after charging it and you don’t have to worry about electric sockets.

Replacements blades of razors

As we all know in every major, the blade has to be replaced after some point of time, There are many Majors available in the market whose replacements parts are not easily available and that will cause you problems in future. Also, Expansive majors have expensive replacement parts. So, you have to decide wisely about the price and replacement parts of the razor.

Battery lifespan and charging time

It is also one of the important points to consider with you are using a cordless Electric razor. How long (Time) you will be able to use the razor on a full charge??? And what is the charging time of the battery of your razor?? That’s the two important questions. An efficient razor is the one which takes less time to get fully charged and provide you longer battery life.

Led of LCD interface

This is not a necessity but it is helpful if your electric razor has led or LCD panel/indicator then that will easily show you the battery status, charging time etc. If the battery needs to re re-charged then you will get the indication through led panel

Wet or dry electric shavers

If you have a sensitive skin or acne in your face, then it is advisable to use the electric razor/shavers with gels or shaving cream, but in some razors/shavers gels can harm their cleaning and charging units.

So, These are the important points that you have to consider while choosing/ purchasing your electric razors.