Whether you are choosing Facelift because of aging or you just want a fresh and glowing skin, you have to be prepared for the procedure. You will undergo a surgery and as you wouldn’t want to compromise on the results, you have to do some homework beforehand. There are certain things you should know before a facelift. Explore them here:

Choosing the Right Surgeon

It is the key to best results. If the surgeon is not trustworthy, it will ultimately affect the outcome of the surgery. You are going to come across lots of cheap surgeons, but before choosing them, remember that things are cheap for a reason. Even if the staff is extremely friendly and the premises are beautiful, they may be using outdated techniques or cut corners. Always choose the surgeon on the basis of his qualifications, experience and, of course, reviews. Have a face to face consultation to learn about the surgery, your expectations, and the outcomes. Ask questions even if you think they are silly.

Be sure of what you want to achieve

Make a list of all the issues that you want to be treated and discuss them with your surgeon before the surgery. Some people assume that surgeons know what to do so they will take care of everything. This is a very wrong approach. Good surgeons never suggest making additional changes, they only do what you ask them to do. Clearly communicate what you want to avoid disappointments later.

Have your Mind Prepared

It is highly important to have the right expectations from the surgery and prepare yourself to accept your new look. It is wise to gather some support and motivation from the people around you just to be sure that you are in a good emotional state.

Follow all the instructions given by your surgeon, even if you consider some of them insignificant. For example, you are not supposed to take a shower for 2 days because your body needs healing. You may want to visit your hair salon a few days before the surgery to get a new hairstyle or hair wash. In this way, there won’t be any need to worry about your post-surgery look.

You are Responsible for Taking Care of Yourself

Although the facelift surgery is a quick fix, it won’t magically make you look as stunning as a Hollywood celebrity. You have to take care of yourself. Make sure you take proper diet, work out and protect yourself from the sun. It is best to get into shape before the surgery. Also, quit smoking too as it delays the healing.

Plan to Take Some Time Off

Healing is going to take some time so, it’s recommended to take 2 to 4 weeks off because you will have some swelling and bruising. Other than this, minimize your activity. Take vitamins and supplements and maintain a high protein diet for speeding the healing process. Your surgeon will probably recommend you these precautionary measures so don’t worry.