Dual Diagnosis treatment

Some people get addicted to alcohol or other drugs as that make them feel relaxed and pleasure, but it is a bitter truth that it makes people get addicted to it and results into a lot of health disorders. One of the most common conditions that are faced by many people is the dual diagnosis in which people suffer from both mental disorders as well as the addiction problem. More researchers have found that people who suffer from mental illness will also suffer from drug addiction. Thus, the statistics also show that both the health issues go hand in hand. Therefore, it is important to treat both the mental illness and addiction simultaneously, otherwise, if one is treated and the other is left untreated then there are chances that you may not get complete recovery. Hence, the dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment came into effect.

Dual diagnosis treatment

The dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder as the name states, it is carried on in such a way that it treats both disorders. People who have drug abuse often suffer from a lot of psychiatric issues and it becomes tedious to differentiate between the already existing mental illness and the one that is induced by the drug or alcohol abuse. And if someone is treated for drug abuse then there are chances that the mental illness may remain untreated. In such cases, the relapse is also unavoidable; one could see a lot of people in rehab centers who suffer from relapsing even after the complete treatment. This makes the patient to get frustrated about their life and even lose their self motivation level. But after the implementation of dual diagnosis treatment, this condition has been changed to a great extent and many people face happiness throughout the life.

The dual diagnosis it is completely a case like “which came first, the egg or the chicken?” it is often unpredictable which comes first either drug abuse or mental illness. It is a well known thing that people will always go for drugs or alcohol if they have anxiety or depression. But the substance abuse will always lead to a lot of problems like:

  • It increases the risk of mental disorders and
  • Even worse the symptoms of mental health problem

Thus, the self medication with alcohol or drugs is definitely not the solution for getting a complete recovery.

Effective treatment

The mental health illnesses which often occur because of using drugs are the depression, anxiety, etc. The commonly used treatments are often ineffective as it involves the hope which the patient has. And it is a common scenario that many people who are suffering from the mental disorder and drug abuse usually will never admit that they suffer from them and try to evade from the situation as much as they can. It is necessary to be proactive and to choose treatments that could help them to overcome the mental disorder and drug abuse. The highly advanced dual diagnosis treatment is highly effective in treating the issue and it involves treatment stages like yoga, meditation, psycho education and many more.