Workplace safety can only be guaranteed if both employees and bosses are on the lookout for potential hazards. While the boss can do everything in their power to make sure the job site is secure, such as the use of load arrestors, employees not paying attention can quickly turn a simple accident into a disaster. Safeguard yourself and your fellow workers by making sure you don’t fall prey to any of these workplace mishaps.

No vacation, living paycheck to paycheck, poor sleep and health concerns are only a sampling of all of the problems that can weigh us down during our time at work. If left unchecked, they quickly devolve into us being blind to actual threats, not including the deleterious effects it has on our health, causing things like hypertension and high blood pressure.

Instead of worrying, take action on the things you can control. Having financial issues? Maybe you shouldn’t go out to eat lunch every day. Not getting enough sleep? Go to bed earlier. Want a vacation? Tell your boss the dates you’ll be gone. Even though not everything can be controlled, managing what you do have a say in makes a world of difference.

Workplace Violence
Humans are emotional creatures. When something goes wrong, they can find themselves acting in ways they would have never thought they could. Angry spouses, abusive ex-employees and even upset customers can show up at your workplace with the full intention of causing harm to you or your coworkers.

Take advantage of the security force in place at the site of your job. If it’s an office building, provide them with the picture and information of anyone you think may want to cause you harm and tell them under no circumstances is this person allowed to be let in. The more security knows about what happened to you, the better chance you’ll have at keeping your job a place of safety.

Even if you do get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, jobs are exhausting. At the end of the day, being tired causes a severe dip in reflexes, judgement and reaction times. If you work with machinery, this is a recipe for disaster. If you’re in an office, this means work piling up on your desk ready to bombard you the next day.
While napping at work isn’t exactly a thing that employers like to see, you can take little breaks throughout the day to keep your mind sharp. In the afternoon during your hormonal shift that leads to excessive tiredness, plan to do your meaningless tasks. This way, you aren’t forcing yourself to make an extreme judgement during the time when you’re least capable of doing so. This will also help you make better decisions on the whole by saving the most important jobs for when your brain is actively invested.