Oticon Hearing Aid

Hearing aids come as a gift to many who suffer from partial to severe hearing problems. Among the hearing aid manufacturers, Oticon is a popular name. They have a wide range of models for all ages covering various hearing, balance and tinnitus problem. They have combined technology and style together to melt out some smart and intelligent hearing aid devices that promise to make your life simpler. Be it hearing clarity or small and portable device, Oticon hearing aids meet the requirements. Technologically there are some device models that offer connectivity option to various other devices like television, music system, laptop, phone, etc.

Oticon Hearing Aid

Advanced and Improved Hearing Aids

The new and advanced Oticon hearing aids are nothing like the old, huge size ones available before, that would have problem in fitting and getting adjusted. These are high quality, using better technology and user friendly devices that offer a lot. The hearing aids have the following features that make them better than the old equipment’s:

  • Small and compact in size
  • Easy to fit and operate
  • Options available for outer and inner ear sets
  • Available in various colors and skin tones
  • Stylish new designs which are much better than the huge old ones
  • One can also customize the equipment to suit their needs
  • One can choose from a wide range of options
  • The hearing quality has improved a lot with the help of new technology
  • The devices are easy to maintain and durable
  • Some devices are designed in a way to help them connect to various communication and entertainment equipment’s

Oticon Hearing Aids Popular Models

Here is a list of the latest and popular models based on features:

  • Advance technology and Tinnitus- Ria2, Alta2, Nera2. The aids are user friendly and could be easily fitted by the audiologists. The sound quality of these devices is also quite good. Nera2 is mid-level hearing aid, while Alta2 is premium one packed with features and Ria2 is in the essential range. Available in various styles; behind the ear, receiver in the ear, invisible in the canal, in the canal and completely in the canal. The Pro It version of the three models mentioned here takes care of tinnitus. These models have the option of playing soothing music in the background and the user can also optimize it according to their need.
  • Pediatric- Sensei Pro and Sensei SP Pro are specifically designed to take care of a child’s need. They cover all levels of hearing loss in a child. These models are available in behind the ear style.
  • Advanced Oticon hearing aid for adults- Dynamo is a model of oticon hearing aid that has been designed for people with profound hearing loss. Its strong system lets you hear everything very clearly. The style available is behind the ear and the battery size is comparatively big with size 13. They come in various colors.
  • Connectivity- Connect Line model has a wide range of features. These are technologically better models that can be personalized by the user. As the name suggests, they offer connectivity to various other devices which make them quite popular. Whether you want to watch television, hear music or make a phone call or a video chat, this Oticon hearing aid can connect to all. The Streamer Pro device in Connect Line converts your hearing aid into a wireless headset which connects to various other devices and transmits the sound.

The various oticon hearing aids offering different models and different features. Most of these models are high end and have high price range. While the basic models are reasonable, to get extra features packed in a model one has to pay more.