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Spending time in a rehab center is not as bad as it might seem. A rehab center offers the tools and support that you need to prevent a relapse in the future. It’s important to look for a rehab center that offers the treatment that you need as some specialize in treating those who have been addicted to drugs while others offer more assistance for those who have been addicted to alcohol. A facility that offers residential treatment in Poway California often has rules that you need to follow and a structured environment, making the recovery process as easy as possible while teaching you how to live your life without drugs and alcohol.

References like “A Guide to Rehab” can give you details about what to expect in the facility and what to look for in a rehab center. Most programs last for 30 to 45 days depending on the severity of your addiction. There are centers that offer 90-day treatments if you feel that you need support for a longer time. If there is a history of addiction, then you might stay in the center longer. Once you’re in the center, the staff can determine if there are other issues that need to be treated. These other issues might mean a longer stay in the rehab center. The unique needs that you have, such as medical, mental or spiritual are also taken into consideration. Some rehab centers offer medical treatment as well as rehab while others are strictly a rehab center that offers ways to deal with the addiction that you have.

Your image of a rehab center might be the complete opposite of what is seen. Many people think of a rehab center as a place with white walls, a bed with white sheets and an atmosphere with doctors and other staff members who constantly talk to you about the problems that you have. Most centers offer a variety of amenities for residents. The rooms are often decorated with a comfortable bed and a design that will make you feel like you’re at home instead of in a rehab center. There is usually a schedule that you need to follow during the day. This schedule usually begins first thing in the morning. Breakfast is served before you begin your group sessions. There is often time set aside for taking a shower and getting ready for the day.

After breakfast, you’ll dig deep into the reasons as to why you used drugs or alcohol in the first place. There are group therapy meetings as well as individual sessions where you will meet with a counselor who can help you discover some of the personal details that you have experienced in life. Some centers might not allow you to have a phone while others let you have a phone at certain times. Phone conversations are often monitored by the staff. This might seem like an invasion of privacy, but it’s for the protection of the other people in the center as well as yourself so that you don’t try to arrange for drugs or alcohol to be smuggled into the center or try to set up a meeting with someone to leave the center.

Even though phone usage is often limited, there is usually a common area where you can watch television with the other residents. You can play board games, read a book or just talk with the other people who are there. There are some centers that provide treatment for business workers. The staff members understand that they need to maintain some kind of communication with their employees and co-workers, so there is usually a bit more leniency in these centers. Some rehab facilities have a pool outside while others offer animal therapy or other types of therapy that can help you focus the mind on positive interactions instead of relying on drugs to get you through life. Some centers have televisions in each room as well as an internet connection. The amenities will vary from one location to another, but most centers try to make your stay comfortable so that you don’t end up hating the process of getting sober and staying clean. You can usually get help with finding a job, housing, and a job while in rehab before you leave.