Getting older is the important stage that every human faces in their life and although that is a natural process in life cycle, nobody wants to get the old look which actually starts from the loosening of the skin in some of the body parts like chin, cheeks, arms, eyes, and so on. But in order to get out of from this issue everyone prefers looking for the dermatologists so that they can keep themselves having the young look forever. The most vital therapy that helps in making the skin to get the younger look forever is the ultrasound skin tightening therapy which is in short called as the ultherapy new york which is the highly reputed dermatology clinic located in New York.

What is the procedure that is involved in this ultra therapy treatment?

The ultra therapy treatment can be carried out by using the ultra sound energy that is spread on the skin to lift and tighten the loosened skins that are present in the eyebrows, chin, and also in the neck. This therapy will not harm the outer layers of the skin as this will not involve any surgical procedures. Using the ultrasound energy the skin is lifted as well as tightened to smooth the wrinkles that are present on the face as well as in the body. This treatment can be completed in just 60 to 90 minutes in which the ultra sound energy is passed on the skin that helps in creating the new collagens on the skin. The result can be seen in fewer months after the treatment.

Some of the factors that is responsible for promoting the aged look:

The skin loosening is usually happens because of the few factors that are involved with it. They are as follows:

  • One of the most common reasons is the aging process that is unavoidable by any human being. As you get old, the skin will usually loses the important proteins like collagen, that are present in the skin actually promotes the youth look
  • The second important thing that causes the aged look is that the exposure to the sun which emits the harmful rays that makes the skin to lose its elasticity, this promotes the aged look, this is because, the harmful rays that are emitted from the sun break down the collagen present in the skin.
  • Some people suffer from the overweight problem called obesity, suddenly if the person loses the weight then that lead to the skin loosening, similarly the person who has undergone the bariatric surgery will also face this issue in their life.


The ultrasound therapy helps the skin to regain its natural young look, the ultherapy new York provides the various facilities that include the reconditioning of the skin. This is very much useful in tightening the skin that is present in the eyebrows, neck, under the chin where the double chin is usually the major problem but using this skin tightening therapy one can get rid of from the issues and can have the ever young look.