With drugs getting more and more common each day, drug tests in bulk are getting done each and every day. However, so many of us don’t realize that a family member is addicted to drugs, because we don’t really know the signs to drug addiction. Here are some of the most common signs that people should be aware of, when it comes to drug addiction:

Responsibilities are getting neglected

The most common sign of addiction, is that normally the person’s responsibilities are getting neglected. If the person is working, they are starting to be late for work, and doesn’t really care if they still have a job or not. School children’s marks are going down, and they starting to skip school and doesn’t care about doing any homework anymore.

Red, irritated eyes

Another symptom that is also really easy to spot, is if the person has red eyes all the time. And, their pupils are dilated without any given reason.  They also have really irritated eyes that are sensitive to light and are struggling to focus on a point for a long time.

A change in eating and sleeping patterns

Depending on the type of drug that the person is addicted to, there will be a change on the eating and sleeping patterns of an addict.

For example, they will not eat as regularly as always, and they are sleeping much more, or less than normal. Any rapid change in behavior like sleeping and eating patterns might a sign of drug addiction.

Don’t take care of themselves anymore

An addict will not give a damn about their looks anymore. They will not take baths, wear clean clothes or even just spray deodorant on. This is because they are under the influence of drugs, and all that they can think about, is where the next fix is going to come from.

This is also a common sign of addiction, especially if the person is normally well dressed and well groomed.

So many family members don’t realize when a person close to them is addicted to drugs. This is because they don’t really know as much about drug abuse and the signs of drug abuse. The moment that you see anyone of these signs, you need to get some help for them as soon as possible. The sooner the signs are taking seriously and help is provided, the higher the chance of a full recovery.