The Siberian Health Corporation has been providing the best health products to Germans since it was introduced to the public in 1996. Ever since the company has been doing a lot of research and producing patented biologically active products and supplements as well as healing cosmetics.

The Siberian Health products are based on decades of intensive research to get the most of the properties of the medicinal herbs from the Lake Baikal and the Altai Mountains. So what are these amazing products promoted by Siberian Health?

Dietary Supplements

These days, most food that we consume have harmful chemical ingredients. Our bodies do not receive the right amount of vitamins and nutrients that we need each day. This is the reason why most people many people are finding a way to get these vitamins and minerals from sources other than food and detoxify themselves of the toxins in the body.

Siberian Health has been producing dietary supplements for their customers. And these are their top sellers. They have Siberian teas and herbal teas, Sibirisk propolis elixirs, Siberian Jerusalem artichoke powder, Novomin, Chrono Long, Tetrardiol, Lymphosan, Fitness Catalyst, and so much more. Each of these supplements can be used to promote the healthy nervous system, musculoskeletal,  for performance enhancement, and even for the liver and bile.

Skin Care

When we are buying lotions and moisturizers, we would want something that is going to be mild and gentle on our skin. Siberian Health has a wide variety of skincare collection for you. These are the products that you can see on their website

  • Siberian Balm Collection
  • Siberian Spa Collection
  • Experalta Platinum

Hair Care

Who wouldn’t love a healthy, shinier hair? If you think your hair needs a hair product that is made from all-natural ingredients, then Siberian Health has all the products for you. From pure herb shampoo, conditioners, volumizer, hair serums, hair masks, scalp lotions, and gentle shampoo if you have a dyes hair. It’s time to live healthier and avoid strong chemicals on our hair products as much as possible.

Dental Care

Our toothpaste is one of the most important needs in our everyday life. There are a lot of toothpaste brands out there that you can choose from. But it would be better if the toothpaste would have herbal components to keep it healthy. Siberian Health can keep your pearly whites free from chemicals added to pharmacy toothpaste. They have the Siberian Balm Collection which is a reserving mouthwash enriched with pure herbs, toothpaste for regular and those who have sensitive teeth.

If you are interested to make a difference, choose Siberian Health. It’s time to free ourselves from the harmful ingredients that we consume every day. Let us give our bodies a break. You can visit their website This is where you can do your online shopping from and choose products from their catalog. If you are interested in business with Siberian Health and share their products with others, it is very possible. Just visit the website or give them a call anytime.