Senior Living

Mississauga, once known as a suburb of Toronto, has become one of the country’s most vibrant communities. A perfect mix of big city living and community-focused programming, Mississauga is also one of the best places for Canadians to retire. In the heart of Mississauga, many facilities can help you get the most out of your senior living in Mississauga, whether you’re in need of assisted living, or want a place with likeminded individuals.

Senior Living

  1. It’s Close to Canada’s Largest City

On the doorstep of Toronto, Mississauga is often referred to as Toronto’s second downtown. The cities share a close bond, one that’s been forged over decades, and it’s provided a number of benefits for Mississauga citizens. This includes easy access to Toronto through GO Transit and Mississauga’s own public transportation system.

  1. It’s an Affordable Alternative to Toronto

Toronto is currently one of the country’s most expensive places to live, not just in terms of housing prices, but in terms of living costs. But by moving just one city over, many people can already experience a noticeable drop in prices, and the same holds true for senior citizens. Senior living in Mississauga is more affordable than Toronto, and with the easy access to Ontario’s capital, you can still benefit from what Toronto has to offer.

  1. The City is Built with Seniors in Mind

Mississauga was run by Canada’s oldest and longest-serving mayor for nearly 40 years. Known as “Hurricane Hazel” by locals, she was a tough, aggressive mayor who made great leaps for the city, especially when it came to senior living in Mississauga. The city is one of Canada’s most walkable cities, making it a destination for active seniors who love to wander around their hometown. And Mississauga recently received a $50,000 Age-Friendly Community Planning Grant from the Province of Ontario to help it become an even better city for seniors. It is truly a place that is run by seniors and designed with a healthy senior citizen community in mind.

  1. You’ll Have Access to World-Class Health Care Services

Being right down the road from Toronto, Mississauga has access to some of the country’s top specialists, but the city itself has world-class health care in its own right. Mississauga has plenty of hospitals and medical facilities that can help you in your retirement years, and the cheap public transit means you are never far from a doctor’s office, hospital, or other medical facility.

Long thought of as Toronto’s biggest suburb, Mississauga has come into its own in the past few decades. Now, it is a bustling city on its own, one that has lots to offer its citizens, and plenty of opportunities and programs that value their senior population. Senior living in Mississauga is unlike anywhere else in Canada.