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Outpatient rehabilitation centers are as popular as inpatient rehabs in Ontario. Once you have made up your mind to get rid of your addiction to alcohol, the next step is to decide between an inpatient and outpatient rehab center. Each of these settings provides equally effective treatment programs. The choice, however, depends upon the level of addiction.

rehab centers

Why Outpatient Rehab Center

Outpatient rehab centers in Ontario offer varied treatment programs, depending on the severity of the addiction. These treatment programs are designed for those who have stepped into alcoholism but are not completely addicted. An alcoholic is a person who feels the urge to take 4-5 drinks around five times a month.

Generally, the treatment programs at outpatient center are designed to extend anywhere from 30 days to 90 days. The pace of recovery decides the treatment span.

Some other reasons that support the choice of outpatient rehabilitation include:

  • Lead a normal life during treatment

During outpatient addiction treatment, the patients can lead a completely normal life. They can continue with normal schooling or work life and also live at home with their loved ones. This treatment is, therefore, best suited for those who have commitments and cannot take a step back.

  • Complete sobriety even after treatment

Outpatient rehabilitation ensures sustained sobriety after the treatment is accomplished. This is because the patient is not restricted to boundaries as is common in inpatient rehabilitation centers. The patient attends the treatment session while spending ample time at home. Therefore, there are fewer chances of relapsing.

  • Maintains secrecy

These rehab treatment programs allow the patient to attend the sessions in a discrete. There is no need to be stigmatized for weeks and months or worry about neighbors and friends finding out about the addiction or treatment.

  • More affordable

The treatment programs offered by outpatient rehabs in Ontario are more affordable. This is because there are no additional expenses for stay and constant specialized monitoring.

  • Family support

Most importantly, getting outpatient treatment for addiction is seen to aid quick recovery. This is because the patient lives with his family during the entire program. The family provides immense emotional and moral support during weak points in the treatment process. This makes the recovery more effective.

However, it is not necessary for outpatient treatment to prove effective for everyone. For individuals, who are severely addicted and cannot function without their regular fix, it is best to opt for inpatient treatment programs. This type of treatment ensures the patient is kept away from alcohol altogether, thereby ensuring quicker recovery. Moreover, doing so would also help the patient to achieve enduring sobriety and a more fulfilling future life.

Author Bio

Malcolm Smith is a highly experienced counselor, who has worked with a number of rehab centers in Ontario. With his help, many people have successfully quit their alcohol addiction and are leading healthy and happy lives.