A successful cosmetic surgery starts with a one-to-one conversation with thesurgeon. Did you know that the patients who ask a lot of questions from the surgeon before the facelift or any other kind of cosmetic surgerytend to make the most out of their consultation? That’s because you successfully make choiceswith which you are satisfied in the end.

Like any curious patient, you must know be wondering what questions to ask the face surgeons before a facelift. Some people don’t do enough homework and hence they end up asking the wrong questions. This can directly affect your surgery. If you don’t know what questions to ask, here are some that you must keep in mind:

  1. Are you a specifically trained surgeon?
  2. What boards are you certified by?
  3. Do you have hospitalprivileges for performing the surgery? If the answer is yes, ask at which hospitals.
  4. Where do you get most of your patients from?
  5. What percentage of your practice do you devote to facelifts?
  6. Am I a good candidate for the surgery?
  7. Where and how will you perform the faceliftsurgery?
  8. What is the best surgical technique that you would recommend for me?
  9. Can you describe various outcomes of the treatment; i.e. poor, average and excellent.
  10. Do you take before and after photos to show to your patient?
  11. Can you let me talk to your previous patients on whom you have performed surgeries successfully?
  12. Are your facilities nationally accredited?
  13. Are there board certifiedanesthesiologists in your team?
  14. What if you encounter an emergency situation? What procedures do you perform to cope with such situations?
  15. How long will the facelift surgery last?
  16. Am I required to go through any health clearances or lab tests before the surgery?
  17. Will I have to go through any complications after the surgery?
  18. In what cases do complications occur and how do you handle them?
  19. Is the surgery going to be painful?
  20. Should I expect bruising, swelling or discomfort during or after the surgery?
  21. If I am dissatisfied with the facelift’s outcome, what are my options?
  22. How long is the recovery period going to be?
  23. What is my recovery going to be like?
  24. What type of anesthesia will I receive?
  25. What is going to be the total cost of the procedure?

Once you have clear answers to all these questions, let the surgeon walk you through the facelift procedure steps too so that you know what is going to be performed on you. Before making the final decision, make sure you have comprehensive answers to the following questions. Do I clearly understand the procedure? Will I be getting reasonable improvement after the surgery? Do I understand what could possibly go wrong during the surgery and if so, will I be able to cope up with it?

Once you are happy and satisfied with the answers to these questions and the questions that you must ask from the surgeon, only then go for the procedure.