The function of heart

Heart is the present at the centermost position of the upper part of the human body. The main function of the heart is to pump all the blood that comes to the heart through the corners of the body. This pumping is very much important because the blood contains few substances which are absolutely important for the boy as it supplies those substances to the organs of the body. The human body is full of organs which performing there work day and night so that the body will be able to function and most importantly live in a proper way. The blood contains important materials like the oxygen which is like the lifeline of the body because it is very much necessary for the functioning of the organs present in the body. Along with that they also contains few of the biomolecules and the cofactors and the coenzymes which helps in different function of the body. Heart also takes the deoxygenated blood that after travelling throughout the body veins takes to the heart and the lungs for its purification and again that purifies and also after being oxygenated blood is transferred to the distant places of the body. So it is very much very much evident from its function that the heart has to work day and night without any of the rests.


Another very common health condition in pregnancy is that they face heartburn many time. People often mistake heartburn as a problem of the heart however there is nothing to do with the heart in this problem. The sole reason for the heart burn is the problem in the digestion which causes acidity and that effect of the acid is felt around in the chest region called as the heart burn.

Heartburn Medicines

You can get good heartburn meds during pregnancy which is very much safe to use and also very much effective also in the working.


Pregnancy invites a lot of problem like that of the disease as well as the infection in the body the female. As it is the body becomes very much complex when a female gets pregnant. Thousands of processes run inside the body of the female. And all of these processes are very much due to the fact that the body need to be very much prepared and also need to be ready to host another living body inside her own. The baby that comes as a result of this pregnancy stays in the body of the woman for nine long month for its initial growth phase. From a small zygote in to a fully grown baby this journey of gestation is certainly very much memorable for each and every female. It is regarded as the best phase of the woman’s life which actually defines the power of the womanhood. Although this phase is also very much vulnerable for the woman too as it takes a lot from the woman’s body. Pregnancy infection medicines are very commonly prescribed by the doctors to the patients as it is very much common for the woman in this time.

Care to be taken

So this period each and every woman need to take care of herself in a proper way do that they stay healthy and also can deliver a healthy baby.