Dental implant is a surgery which is done to replace the missing teeth. It is a long term solution and does not even develop any cavities. The dental implant depends on the condition of your jawbone and on the basis of that the type of implant is decided. It is an alternative to bridgework or denture which does not fit properly but the dental implant is best for the replacement. This surgery has various procedures and it may take some months for the healing.  It involves several procedures which must be done properly so that further there is no risk.

The trained professionals do the dental implants in Hyderabad who have a lot of experience in this field. The dental implant surgery should be opted only when you have missing teeth or you are unable to wear the dentures. No one likes the embarrassing noise of the dentures and wants to replace it with dental implants. There may be some risks like infection or injury at the implant site but such problems are very rare. It is very important to tell your doctor each and everything so that the best suggestion can be given to you by the surgeon. You should also have the dental X-rays done so that the oral surgeon can take all factors into consideration. If you have some other infections or problems then you must tell it to the doctor so that he can prescribe some medicines to prevent any type of infection to the patient.

After Dental Implant:

Mostly all the dental implants are successful but you need to take care of some things which may lead to the failure of the dental implant. For example, smoking can contribute to the failure of the implant and leads to the complications. Even if the bone does not fuse, then there is removal of the implant and the bone is also cleaned so that implant procedure can be started again after some months. You can make it long longer if you do following:-

  • Oral hygiene– It is really important to practise the oral hygiene just like the natural teeth and keep the implants clean. There are some specially designed brushes like interdental brush can really help you clean your teeth properly. It will clean the crannies and nooks around the gums too.
  • Avoid some habits – Avoid the habits which can damage the implant like chewing the hard items. E.g. Hard candy or ice as it can break your natural teeth and crows. You must also avoid the caffeine products.
  • Visit dentist regularly– to keep your implants longer you must see your dentist regularly to ensure that there is proper functioning of the implants. It will help you ensure good oral health.

If there is swelling and the pain is getting worse then you can show your dentist as you may require some medication. You must get done Dental implant surgery in Hyderabad where the entire experienced and trained oral surgeons will provide the best treatment.