Drug tests can be defined as blood, urine or hair examinations arranged by the employers in order to determine if the people working in their company are using some substances which can interrupt their effectiveness at work. There are several types of tests, and in order to get familiar with them, you should click here and read the article. When ordered, some tests are made in specially made labs, after which the employees which were using drugs are losing their jobs or end up with cuts from their payments.

But the truth is that there are many different opinions over those tests, and many people would agree that they are not effective, neither the results shown are linked with a person’s ability to do their job effectively. However, if a test of this kind is made in your company, denying their usage won’t help you pass it. Within this article we will give you some advices which will help you pass the test, even if you’ve previously used some substances, such as marijuana.

Try purchasing a fake urine

Thanks to the internet, today you can find many fake synthetic urine providers, and by purchasing a package, you will receive it as a powder and get some instructions over the best way to use it. But however, before doing this, you must be aware that this comes with a big risk factor. First of all, probably you won’t be able to determine when the test will occur, since they won’t give you information over the date when they will be made.

This means that you may end up surprised, without the helping kit you’ve ordered online. Also, the powder needs to be mixed with a certain amount of clean water, which can be hard when performing a test in a lab designed for activities of this kind. Sometimes, they are coloring the water inside the toilets because they are aware that those things are happening, which can stop you from making further steps.

This means that you will need to be ready, so on the day when those tests occur, you should bring a clean water with yourself inside the toilet. Also, once you are done mixing it, make sure that the temperature is accurate enough, because by this, you will be sure that you won’t end up being caught.

Use a detox shampoo

This is probably the smartest way to pass through a drug test at work if you’ve used some substances previously. By using the best detox shampoo, you will be able to clean your hair from the extra THC which can stay in there for quite long. The only thing that needs to be done is to wash your hair everyday with this shampoo after you’ve used substances such as marijuana. By this, you will be safe when the tests occur, and you won’t need to give extra attention towards doing things which may end up being dangerous for you. Usually those shampoos can be ordered online, with a price higher than the one for the average shampoos, but considering their effect and the outcome in a situation where you can end up losing your job, paying a big more won’t be a huge deal.


Being ready when a drug test occurs can be a very hard task, since getting rid of the unwanted substances can be a big complicated. In order to pass it, you should be ready anytime, and the only way to do it is to wash your hair with a detox shampoo and think about swapping the urine.