Back pains are nothing new to mankind. Ever since the beginning of civilization, it has existed, manifesting itself among the elderlies chiefly. Thus, there is no reason to think that it is due to the present day lifestyle disorders.

Mid back pain

What aggravates mid back pain?

Mid back pain in a person shows up with age; up to the thirties, there is hardly any manifestation of the symptoms. This is largely due to the fact that till this age, the individuals are strong enough to carry on with the daily stresses of life. The body is still young and regenerating fast so that all the damaged cells of the body including those along the back and spine get repaired overnight or over short time. It is only after 35 or so years of age that the rate of repairing of the body cells gets reduced to a remarkable extent. As a result, the damage gradually outlasts the repairing and with some more time, the individuals start feeling the pain.

How our daily life affects our back and spine

There is a very common example among the physicists to prove how much stress the spine and back takes up down the day. The experiment shows that we are about an inch or 2.50 centimetres longer while lying down freely than we are when in standing position. It has been proven by several experiments, and the reason is this- as we stand, the soft tissues of the body are reduced in thickness due to the weight of the body above them. Each soft tissue is only partially reduced but they together result in a reduction as much as an inch!

Now come to think of it in medical terms. If we are awake for 2/3rd of the day, then we can assume that these soft tissues are bearing the load upon them for almost 16 hours a day! Now, about a half of these soft tissues make up our spinal cord as cushions in between the pieces of bones. So we can imagine the weight, and most importantly, the time for which it remains, on these bones and the soft tissues.

Now if we think of a practical day on which we are running around doing our daily jobs at office and at home, we can surely imagine how many times the stress is increased. As long as our body is rejuvenating fast, we don’t face a problem; but as soon as we are in the middle ages, we start feeling mid back pain, in other words, the interscapular pain.

How to deal with it

In case of acute pain, it is all about the right medicines. But the pills, which are basically painkillers, can offer relief to the pain only. There are certain nerve soothing medicines too that can reduce the pain and stress of the nerves passing through the spinal cord, but daily exercising is the best way out to keep the interscapular pain in control over the longer duration. The exercises meant for this vary from t6he ones suited to sportspersons, and trained hands are a must to exhibit these exercises and how to perform them properly at the initial stages.