Living in the 21st century is far more convenient than in the past when we speak about health. While nature has given our bodies the incredible ability to repair, regenerate, and heal most illnesses and wounds, there are some things that our bodies cannot heal naturally. This is where science and medicine comes in to give us a little break from the reality that is the frailness of our bodies. We finish off, where nature has left off, and we do it to better our lives, and the lives of our loved ones.

Botox: More than Simple Lip Filling

But despite our advances, there are still some pains that cannot be cured naturally, and are very difficult to cure with modern medicine. However, we are still finding more and more ways to work around these obstacles. One of these ways is, believe it or not, Botox. Yes, Botox generally has a reputation for filling lips and smoothing damaged skin, but Botox actually has quite a number of medical applications as well.

There are some pains that feel as though they are simply incurable, and they’ve been bothering us for so long, that they may even feel like they will hopelessly stay with us all our lives. However, today more than ever before, we see that this may not be the case, as more and more medical revelations lead us closer to finding cures. And some of these perpetual pains can be cured with Botox injections.


Many people suffer from migraines, a disorder in the brain, which causes constant headaches in various parts of the head. Migraines cause many people around the world constant pain and discomfort. Botox injections have shown to have the ability to actually numb the pain of migraines and even in some ways block them entirely. The Botox injections actually cause the neurotransmitters that carry the painful sensation of the migraines to be blocked from reaching the head, thereby relieving the pain. Studies have shown that people who’ve had Botox injections in their head have suffered from far less headaches caused by migraines, with statistics showing that they experience almost 50% less headaches than before.

Joint Pains

Another prominent constant pain is experienced in joints. Studies show that upon receiving Botox injections in joints that experience perpetual pains from different illnesses, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Upon receiving a Botox injection in the pained areas, research has shown that the people suffering from these pains experience far less discomfort and report a great improvement in their join usage and functionality. The research shows that Botox contains an analgesic ability, which softens the pain that comes from joints with such disorders.

So if you or someone you know suffers from such pains and would like to cure these conditions, contact your doctor to see if you’re eligible for receiving a medical Botox injection. Keep in mind, this is a different kind of injection, performed by people specialized in a different way, compared to those who inject Botox for lip fillings and skin care. Be sure to see if this works for you, to relieve yourself of the pain that hampers you from feeling fully comfortable in your own body.