A lot of people want to know how exactly lip injections work. Lip injections sometimes referred to as lip augmentation, is a process that helps patients get fuller lips and recreate their smiles. This process can include injections, but it can also include adding tissues or fat to the lip area.  Furthermore, lip injection surgery is cost-effective, safe and produces an extremely good result. Not only that, it is proven to have no dangerous side effect.

Basically, lip injections involve filling the lip with soft material or tissues from the patient’s body to create a plump, fuller appearance. In this case, the soft material is primarily collagen, which is a commonly used material when it comes to lip injection treatment. Collagen is found in the cow’s skin and it is the ideal treatment for temporarily improving the look of your skin. Prior to injecting the collagen in your lips, it undergoes a lot of severe purification process. On the downside, it can cause some allergic reactions in some individuals. As a result of this, it is advisable to perform a sensitivity test to determine whether or not this process is ideal for you.

However, there are other materials that can be injected into the lips asides collagen. Fat or tissue injection is another common method of achieving plump, good looking lips. The fat is gotten from the patient’s own body parts, most often from the thigh or abdomen area. The best part of using this procedure is that the risk of any type of allergic reaction is minimal, if not eliminated. Just like collagen, the results are temporary. And in order to achieve the desired results, patients have to undergo several treatment procedures.

Another method of lip injections surgery is autologen. Just like fat injections, this process uses your own tissue to fill the lip area. In addition, autologen uses collagen removed from your body parts and sent to a laboratory to transform it in injectable form. This treatment method will be absorbed by your body so the effect is not long lasting, but the good thing is that you can perform the surgery over again. So, if you are considering changing your facial looks by altering on the bodily feature, a lip injection can do the job.

Moreover, there is a permanent lip injections procedure that consists of a material known as Artecoll, which comprises of tiny synthetic beads embedded in the lips to make it look firmer and plumper. Lip injections on average cost about $1,600 per procedure. However, the cost may vary depending on location and treatment procedure.

Lip injections surgery is an amazing way to look younger and enhance your smile. Even if you are looking to make your lips fuller and more symmetrical, you will most definitely be contented with the results. The period of recovery takes just a couple of days, which is usually a small price to pay when compared to the long-lasting result of giving you a younger and more beautiful look.