Everyone has stress in their lives which is only compounded when they turn on the evening news to hear about yet another shooting. You, like so many others, live in a day and age where you have to deal with stress on a daily basis. You worry about yourself and your loved one’s safety on top of the usual work related stress and dealing with all that comes with running a household and raising children. Unfortunately, the stress coping methods you may be using could actually be causing more harm than good. Over eating, drinking, and anger are all natural reactions to stress, but you do have better options available. Some are easy to do on your own while others may require the help of professionals like those at the Pinnacle Recovery Center in Utah.

Over Eating

Who hasn’t found relief in a big bowl of ice cream? Many learned this behavior from their childhood when food was used as a treat after a bad day. If you find yourself reaching for that bag of chips every time the stress begins to pile on, you could be facing a serious issue. Being overweight can lead to many health issues such as heart disease, back and hip pain, and several digestive issues.

You can change your bad habit of turning to food by replacing the act with something like exercise, but this may still leave you feeling a need to munch on something. Begin changing your ways by picking healthier foods as your go to relief. Sliced cucumbers can replace chips, yogurt is similar to ice cream, and grilled fish or chicken will always be a better sandwich meat than a burger loaded with mayo and bacon. If changing on your own is too difficult, turn to the help of a weight loss clinic that can help you learn to deal with stress effectively.


It is a common reaction to get angry when you feel like you are losing control of a situation.  Stress is a direct cause of these feelings, but there are much better ways to handle it then to start screaming, throwing things, or becoming violent. If you use anger as a way to handle the stress in your life, you will definitely want to seek the help of a professional. Anger not only hurts you, but it can put those around you in danger. It is a vicious circle where you lash out at those you love until they run from you. Once they are gone, you end up with more stress than you started with.

Professional therapy can teach you how to refocus that energy into something healthier. Many people can learn to release their anger through exercise or meditation. You can also be taught techniques for talking through your problems with those around you rather then lashing out. Keep in mind that this takes time. No one can change overnight.


Turning to drink as a way to deal with stress can become a very scary situation for all involved. You are learning a destructive behavior that is doing nothing to solve the original stress inducing problem. You’re also putting your health at risk. Drinking can lead to liver disease, heart issues, and memory loss to name just a few issues. If that doesn’t concern you, think about your loved ones. Your drinking can scare them whether it is simply a concern for your own health or a fear of being in danger themselves when you react violently.

It is important to seek help immediately for any drinking problem before it results in irreversible damage. The help offered by a rehab center in Utah can walk you through programs that will help you find much better ways to deal with the stress you face on a day to day basis.

Recognizing that your stress coping methods may not be the best is your first step. From there you can determine how to make changes. If you are overeating, losing your temper, or turning to drinking for a way to escape, you could be heading down a dangerous path. Sometimes, like with eating, you can tackle the issue yourself, but don’t be afraid to ask for help when dealing with an addiction of any kind.