Learn About EMDR Therapy And Its Positive Effects On The Body

EMDR stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing process that is a psychotherapeutic modality that results in the successful cure of posttraumatic stress disorder. It is an effective tool used for the efficient treatment of psychiatric and mental health issues like depression and anxiety.Learn About EMDR Therapy And Its Positive Effects On The Body

What is EMDR?

EMDR is a recent treatment methodology that utilizes the neural pathways of the patient to access the right as well as the left hemisphere of the brain. These are the areas where the memories are stored. This therapy reprocesses all the disturbing and traumatic memories from the present perspective a patient has now.

Uses of EMDR therapy

It has been found that with this therapy people who were suffering from several major traumas like physical assault, mental torture, hurtful experiences, accidents, disability, losing their loved ones, etc. released the pain of the patients and helped them to overcome those traumas effectively.

All types of problems that were arising due to these disturbances such as sleep disorder, eating disorder, nightmares, flashbacks, anger outbursts, difficulty in concentration were cured from the root level. Also, as per the research conducted on the effects of this therapy, it was found that it treated medically unexplained symptoms such as fatigue, pain, gastrointestinal problems to a great extent.

How EMDR therapy works?

EMDR Therapy provides several effective procedures that allow the patient to identify the past memories that are present at the root level. The ways employed under this therapy change the emotions, thoughts, and physical sensations in a person. The self-control techniques taught by the experienced therapists make people manageable and more in charge of the situations and their mind. EMDR therapy addresses the past, present and future and assists a patient to achieve a sound emotional state.

Five Tribes Therapy is a highly renowned company providing EMDR therapy to patients for nearly thirty years. This is a high-level training program that includes eye movement in positively reducing trauma and disturbance in a person.

Our therapy is used and performed in many of the reputed agencies and organizations like American Psychiatric Association, Department of Veteran Affairs, Department of Defense and International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies.

Unlike the talk therapy, this process requires only a fraction of the time to cure the long-held emotions and trauma of the past. A patient gets healed on its own under the effective supervision of a skilled EMDR provider.