One of the hardest decisions facing anybody battling with addiction issues is to admit they have a problem and they are going to look for help overcoming it.

As more and more people turn to rehab clinics for addiction treatments, people will still be asking, what advantage does rehab offer over other treatment programs?

Research from the National Drug Treatment Monitoring System found that “individuals achieving successful completion of drug treatment demonstrate a significant improvement in health and well-being in terms of increased longevity, reduced blood-borne virus transmission, improved parenting skills and improved physical and psychological health”.

Given this evidence that rehab clinics offer a better range of outcomes for patients, they vary themselves in the range and levels of treatment, therapies, approaches, aftercare and other options available.

We highlight some of the top questions that need to be asked when choosing the best rehab clinic:

Does the clinic offer programs specific to your needs?

While every person is different, addictions and treatment have a lot of broad similarities in how they can be approached and tackled. Does the clinic offer a degree of flexibility in the program and how it is implemented?  Is there a “one size fits all” approach or do they base the treatment and recovery program around the patient and their individual circumstances and issues?

What care and services are provided?

Addiction and withdrawal do not run to strict timetables. Some people are not able to make it through a day without suffering from a physical or mental challenge to be overcome.  Are staff available anytime of the day or night to help and assist if an attack or other issue comes on suddenly?  Are patients monitored so incidents can be predicted and circumvented before they happen?  Can patients be admitted at any time or is there a set window where they have to wait to be processed?

Also what sort of an environment is the rehab located in? Is it in the countryside with large grounds? Is it in a city with indoor facilities? Can patients have outside interactions with their families and at what stages of their treatment? Can families come and visit during the program?

Are staff qualified and experienced?

Beating addiction is a team game. Even the strongest individuals need mental, physical, physiological and emotional support to overcome addictions. If people could overcome addictions themselves without the help or input of others then there wouldn’t be any rehab clinics in London or anywhere else.

The quality of the staff in a clinic is going to be a critical factor in the success of any recovery program. Will they be able to make a personal connection with a patient and adapt to their needs or stick to a solid, unmovable program? Will they be able to recognise a patient’s symptoms and tells and act accordingly before the situation escalates. Are they nice people who a patient can trust and rely upon in an emergency?

What does success look like? 

What are the ultimate realistic goals of the treatment? What will qualify as success? How is progress going to be measured during the program? What if recovery is slower than initially predicted? What aftercare and support is going to be available for the patient and their support network?

Doing research and finding the best overall rehab clinic to aid recovery is one of the most crucial decisions, possibly the most important one that an addict wanting recovery and their family can make.

The Ana Treatment Centre specialises in rehab in London and other areas in a safe, secure and calming setting with highly trained, qualified, professional staff with over a collective 200 years experience in the field of treatment for addiction.