As flu season approaches it’s likely that, at some point, a lot of us will have to battle an unwanted cold. Being sick can have huge effects on our skin, making our overall appearance look dull and tired not to mention the inevitable breakouts that are bound to happen. Here are some tips to keep your skin in peak condition while you fight the flu.

Keep your skin moisturised

It’s always important to moisturise but even more so when we’re sick.  First, you have the dry winter air and then with flu comes constant nose blowing, hand washing and medications that can make your skin dry. Keep up with your regular skincare routine, even on the days where getting out of bed feels like a huge battle.

Deflate your puffy eyes

Your eyes are bound to be tired, red and puffy so to combat this treat them to some cold cucumber slices, a cold compress or a cooling eye mask. Eye creams that contain caffeine are great for reducing puffy eyes, especially if you store it in the fridge before you apply. If you need to venture out of the house and want to apply makeup, use high-quality products such as those from Tropic Skincare that have natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin.

Make lip balm your best friend

When you’re sick, it’s likely that your lips will be dry and flaky. All you need to do is rub them with a warm wet washcloth to rehydrate them before applying a natural lip gloss or balm. Opting for neutral colours will take any attention away from your chapped lips for the time being.

Stay hydrated

You know what they say – hydration is the key to good skin care. The fact is that dehydrated skin will result in fine lines and wrinkles. Drinking enough water every day replenishes the cells in our bodies so if you’re feeling under the weather this step shouldn’t be skipped. You might want to opt for hot tea or soups if you have a sore throat.  

Stock up on supplements

Stay supplement smart, and you’re bound to get over your flu quicker. To treat cold and flu symptoms, opt for vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and garlic. Of course, if you already take daily medications it’s important to check with your doctor or healthcare provider before you start taking any supplements on a regular basis.

Get enough rest

Often there is no better cure for flu than to simply get enough rest and we all know the age-old idea about ‘beauty sleep.’ Sometimes the flu can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep, but by taking decongestant tablets during the day, you should be able to breathe freely when you lie down. Resting will allow your skin to rejuvenate because while you sleep your body boosts blood flow to give you a healthy glow. Elevate your head at night to help with your breathing, reduce swelling and puffy eyes.