Human body comprises of about 60% water and regular water intake plays a pivotal role in keeping your system vitalized. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. Your body loses water through sweating, digestion, and many other day to day activities. Hence it is very important to rehydrate the body by drinking enough water and drinking a sufficient amount of fluids. You might not be aware, but after oxygen; water is the most important nutrient of the body. It is advisable to at least consume 2 liters of water daily since it helps in recovering your body from mental & physical fatigue. Water carries nutrients and oxygen to the brain cells & other parts of the body.

As water is the most important part of the body, having water that contains impurities may affect your body in an adverse manner. So, you should always consume clean & purified drinking water. When we say that water it purified, it means that the water should not contain any harmful chemical substances & impurities. Clean drinking water contains calcium and magnesium. Impure water contains undesirable components like sand, heavy metals, Chlorine, Florine, and other toxic chemicals. Tap water may or may not be pure, but you cannot blindly trust the purity of tap water. Drinking contaminated water can lead to Cholera or Dysentery or other waterborne diseases. Even simple skin contact with contaminated water may cause skin diseases. You need a way to make sure that the water you have access to is safe for consumption. How do you decide whether a particular type of water is pure or not?

Water quality is determined by the presence of chemical factors like pH and some other minerals in it. Serious diseases are caused by drinking dirty water. Hence, you should always have a Water Purifier for Home so that you & your loved ones always consume healthy purified water. Water treated with Reverse Osmosis (RO) or other filtration techniques like UV (Ultra Violet) or UF (Ultra Filtration) is safe for cooking, as well as drinking. There are many types of water purifiers in the market and you should do a detailed comparison before you purchase any water purifier. The detailed study should include an analysis of the features and insights into the filtration technique being used by the water purifier.

Many RO water purifiers from brands like Livpure have multi-stage filtration technique and along with pure drinking water, they also enhance the taste of the water. There are many households where water is stored in a container and the same water is filled in bottles for daily consumption and cooking. Hence, when you are filling the water in these containers; you should make sure that the water in the container is from the water purifier. Water Purifier Price would vary based on the filtration technique being used and the amount of storage capacity of the purifier. More the storage capacity of the water purifier, higher could be the price of the purifier. You should shortlist a water purifier of higher storage only if your family has more members.

A healthy house is identified by the health of the members living in the house and not by the exteriors of the house. It is high time that we think about ‘health that matters the most’ since healthy mind makes a healthy body!