Your Hair Loss

Anxiety is a typical stress type that not only has an effect on how you act and feel but also on your appearance and physical health overall. It usually causes increased muscle tension, deterioration of skin quality, hair loss and increases the amount of sebum in the skin. That being said, hair fall is not a guaranteed effect of stress and anxiety but just a probable one.

Your Hair Loss

So can stress and anxiety really be the cause of your hair fall issues?

How do stress and anxiety affect your overall hair health?

A number of studies, which includes the UCLA study on mice prove that stress can actually cause hair loss. When the body is in a continued state of anxiety for longer periods of time, the body starts drawing on more nutrients to compensate for the energy required, which is more than what it used to draw before. This deficiency of essential nutrients, along with the free radicals released in the earlier process collectively, affect the health of your hair growth which results in hair fall at times.

Anxiety, in layman term, is persistent and long-term stress. And when a person is in a condition of severe emotional and physical stress, there are bound to be repercussions on the hair growth in particular, and physical health in general. There are a number of conditions that are caused as a result of stress, which in turn lead to hair loss. Some of them are –

  • Alopecia Areata – This condition is characterised by a sudden loss of your hair in areas around your scalp in large clumps.
  • Telogen Effluvium – This is a condition where one may notice more hair fall than it normally used to be.
  • Trichotillomania – This is habitual and quite a disturbing condition caused due to stress and anxiety wherein a person starts pulling his hair out hairs without even realising it.

So, anxiety can cause the abovementioned conditions, leading to hair loss over time. But, that takes us to the next point.

Not all hair loss is anxiety related!

It is very unlikely that the mild hair loss that you are suffering from is anxiety related. It may be possible that your hair fall is happening due to some other reason, or possibly even because of a combination of both these! A lot many people start experiencing hair issues when they are at an age where they face stress due to family issues, finances, kids, work, etc., which though may sound similar, but is a very different condition from anxiety.

Further, some people actually start experiencing anxiety because of hair loss – falling into the perpetual vicious cycle of anxiety and hair fall. They experience anxiety because of hair issues which in turn leads to more anxiety and the cycle continues.

Then comes the part where some people actually do not experience considerable hair loss but only “feel” it happening with them. Their anxiety makes them believe that the slight hair fall (due to natural aging) is, in fact, a much bigger problem and is causing their hair issues. Therefore, although anxiety can be one of the many reasons of your hair issues, it is not the only reason. And like the point we discussed above, anxiety can actually make us believe that we are experiencing more hair loss, making us worry more about the hair than is necessary.

Want the fallen hair back? Reduce anxiety!

Yes, anxiety-related hair loss is not permanent but only temporary. This means that hair fall issue can actually be reversed and hair growth restored to some extent. However, not all hair will come back because some hair is lost naturally which is in no way related to your anxiety issues.

The key thing to focus on here is that you need to tackle your anxiety issues in order to reduce the chances of anxiety induced hair loss. Another important part of the equation is consuming key amino acids which can cover up for the deficiency of nutrient loss due to anxiety. Thus, you need to fuel your body with the essential nutrients that act as building blocks for the growth of new hair.

That being said, conquering your anxiety remains the bigger challenge to your hair fall problem. Because unless you solve the anxiety equation, any amount of nutrients will just be compensating for the loss due to anxiety. So, the most important aspect is – focus on reducing your anxiety levels, and your hair loss process may actually reverse. Follow us if you would like to know more tips about hair regrowth.

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