Depression is extreme sadness, it is caused due to more thinking of negativity and negative thoughts, the person in depression is said to be sad, loss of mind control, lack of interest in the outside cores. The major depression is also known as unipolar in technical term. There are two types of depression states are there unipolar, and bipolar depression. Unipolar is simply an oscillation state, the person with unipolar disorder will be in a confusion stage of oscillating mind.  But the bipolar depression is entirely different from that, the person in bipolar state will feel themselves in a low state and addicted towards the negative emotions. In order to get help for major depressive disorder  approach an expert and get treatment.

But nothing to worry about the major depression, it is curable one, but the major issue in this is recognition, if the person is said to be in depression, it is not easy to judge by the normal person, only the experts can say where it is normal symptoms or it is a symptoms of depression. Like ordinary illness this also takes some time to get the persons to the normal state. So, the care takers of the depressed person will need more patience, than those persons treating for common illness. According to the statics conducted in the America in 2005, there are 20-26 percent of women and 8-12 percent of men are suffering from this major depression disorder, of course many of them does not seek treatments for their depression.

Most women get these depression state easily, because their stem cells has the tendency to get into the depression state easier, there are many hectic diseased persons are also suffering from these depression. In a study shows that 25 percent of cancer patients are suffering from this, one third of HIV patients, and one third of heart attack survivors are suffering from this depression, mostly women are suffering because of the hormonal changes and various internal problems. All these are provided not to make you panic, but to provide you a right solution at a right time.