Some of the parents can’t able to handle their kids who have behavioural disorders, frequent mood changes and any other problems. When you have such kind of troubled teens from 12 to 18 years old or more, it is better going to the healing program for troubled teen program conducted at the Anasazi Foundation. It is one of the leading treatment centres providing proven method of healing the parent to child relationship. There are several numbers of skilled, well trained and highly experienced experts who are all providing the amazing range of wilderness therapy treatment through the unique psychological, biological, spiritual and also social approach which gently invites the change of heart and their behaviours in your kids.

Why choosing Anasazi Foundation?

Anasazi Foundation is the non-profit organization which is licensed and also accredited outdoor based behavioural health care providing firm for all the younger teens and their families. This foundation is internationally recognized for its effective and caring approach to restore and also strengthen the excellent parent child relationships. This behavioural health care service given by this rehabilitation center is an ideal choice for adolescents from 13 to 17 years old and also the younger adults who have 18 or more years of age.

Those teenagers who have defiance, lack of motivation, drug & alcohol experimentation, mild or moderate mood disorders, internet addiction, entitlement problems, and any other type of the self defeating behaviours, the parents can bring your children to get the 49 day wilderness based residential treatment programs. This kind of rehabilitation program is absolutely great choice of treatments to get rid of the younger people from the risks of behaviours.

Getting admission in Anasazi Foundation:

When you are a parent of the troubled kid and you want to join him or her in the troubled teen program, first of all you should have to get the proper admission. New admissions for this program are always accepted year around and they are probably scheduled by the appointment. Before finishing your admission process, first of all you have to submit and get approval for the enrolment packet along with the financial arrangements. You have to follow these three important steps for the enrolment process.

  • You just have to contact the admission office of the Anasazi foundation through the email or given toll free number.
  • In the next step, you should complete the secure online based enrolment application or download, mail and fax your application form.
  • Finally, the admission team of this company will contact you quickly regarding the acceptance.

In order to get admission to your adolescents, you have to complete all of these three steps and make payment for admission fee.