Taking your next step on the chiropractic career ladder

From searching online job listings, to flexing your networking skills, we take a look at some of the best places to find chiropractor jobs.

Whether you’re a well-established chiropractor looking to take your next step on the career ladder, or a newly qualified graduate looking for your first opportunity, there are a number of avenues you can go down to find your perfect chiropractic job.

Before starting your job search, you need to think about the kind of opportunity you are looking for. Chiropractic jobs come in all different shapes and sizes, including different specialities (such as pregnancy or sport), different seniority levels, and different practice set-ups, so setting the parameters from the very beginning will help you to appropriately target your job search.

Career service

If you’re looking for your first chiropractor job after graduating, your university careers services may be a good source of information and advice. As well as helping you with your CV and applications, they also generally have access to current job opportunities, as well as links with employers, which can prove very useful.

Job listings

Online job listings are a really effective way of finding out about the latest vacancies – you can often also apply online, making the process quicker and easier. As well as general job sites, be sure to check the specific chiropractic job listings websites, which will have more of the vacancies you’re looking for. Most online sites allow you to filter vacancies using a range of different factors, including salary and location, enabling you to narrow down your search. And don’t forget to check offline sources – industry-specific print publications often include a section for job advertisements.


In chiropracting, as in most other industries, a lot of job opportunities are simply never advertised, so while job listing sites are an important source of information, you may also have to do some extra legwork to find that perfect opportunity. Networking can be invaluable tool when it comes to finding these ‘hidden’ vacancies, so expand your network of chiropractors by joining online forums and attending industry specific networking events, and chiropractic conferences and seminars. If you’re just starting out in the industry, undertaking some work experience can also be a great way of building industry contacts.

Further afield

One of the great advantages of being a chiropractor is that the majority of UK chiropractic qualifications are recognised abroad, so don’t restrict your job search to the UK. If you’re keen to travel and broaden your horizons, why not check out the job openings in different countries? From Australia to Canada and plenty of places in between, the world really is your oyster.