We all at some point or another have been interested in diets and what can work for us in not only helping us to lose weight but also to keep it off. OK, maybe not all of us, but those of us who are looking for this type of content certainly fit that bill. One of the best diets any of us can try to do is a low carb diet. Why? Because they’ve been linked to such things as: Fast weight loss; a reduction in hunger, reduction in certain cancer risks, better blood sugar and insulin control, lower risk for heart disease. Among other reasons.

Clearly there are benefits for a low carb diet, no question. So, let’s go a bit more in depth with some of the great points on low carb diets and why they very much can be the right step for you or a loved one. (Before you go too far you want to remember that low carb recipes are a great start to seeing what you should consume/shouldn’t. It’s good to know that information before you go into the benefits of what’s good and what’s not in this diet). Without further ado, here is a list of why a low carb diet can be beneficial to you!

  1. Lose weight! If you focus on the types of food you’re eating you can see a lot of difference in the weight you have or lose. Mindful eating truly makes all the difference in a lot of ways. But why are low carb diets a help to losing weight? Well, when eating food with carbs and sugars insulin is let out to elevate blood glucose. Insulin, which is also known as a fat storage hormone, is to blame in part. If you eliminate carbs it’ll keep the body’s glycogen at or around empty which keeps insulin from being let out and storing more fat. Less is more when it comes to weight loss on carbs.
  2. Cognitive functions improve. Sugar has a strong effect on the brain, and can be an increaser of anxiety, fatigue, and cravings. And high carb meals can make you feel alert and awake at first after consumption, but afterwards you’re grumpy, tired, and irritable. And that’s not good. If you’re on a low carb diet you can avoid a lot of the misery brought on by sugary or high carb meals.
  3. Fight cancer! It has been shown via research that a diet that has a lot of sugar and carbs can actually contribute to and feed cancer cells, giving them the ability to grow faster. Low carb diets, since they massively cut sugar and other processed foods, can act as a pseudo cancer treatment in a sense. Even more incentive to be on a low carb diet!

There are other benefits as well, for sure, but these are among some of the biggest ones. Losing weight is a given as to why this can work. Cancer is something we all want to avoid or reduce, so that’s big too. Not including feeling better on a cognitive level. All of this and more make a strong argument as to why you should engage in a low carb diet!