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Online counseling is also called online therapy or e-counseling which offers patients a more convenient and reasonable way of seeking help of mental health experts. If you consider the conventional therapy, this demands the patients to make several appointments with a counselor who is licensed and attend the sessions which range from 45 to 60 minutes or sometimes even more than that.

Those who are leading a life with busy schedules and those patients who don’t have transportation or those who have small kids who have to be left to home, e-counseling happens to be a smarter option for them. Read on to know about whether it works.

Online counseling – What is it?

Online therapy is that kind of therapy which occurs over a computer and hence you can well understand that the basic version of this treatment will require an internet connection and a chat program like Skype. Patients can never visit their counselors in person and vice versa. The counselor will begin the session by asking a string of small questions that allow the patient to describe his problem and the disturbing things that are going on in life. This eventually forms a relationship which allows the counselor to dig deeper and learn more regarding the patient before digging deeper.

Can video conferencing help?

There are some counselors who still depend on the old conventional form of electronic therapy, nowadays, more and more counselors depend on video chats and conferences. As mentioned earlier, patients can use Skype and such other programs to get in touch with the counselors. This gives the patients more flexibility than they enjoyed with any other method. Even when they have smartphones, they can download Skype and use such programs to speak to their online therapists. Besides these, there are also other websites where users can sign up, create account and select a therapist.

Does this really work for you?

The extent to which your e-therapy is effective will depend on the patient’s willingness to seek help of an expert and coordinate with a therapist. Even when you use different forms of technology, you should feel comfortable and you should learn the art of speaking with strangers about feelings and thoughts. For all those who can’t attend face-to-face meetings, e-therapy is definitely a smart choice.

Therefore, if you’re considering e-counseling as the best possible therapy to cure your mental health issues, you should be careful about choosing the most expert one who has your best interests in mind.