Water can be obtained through various sources these days. People living in rural areas are devoid of water supply pipes and therefore use natural streams and wells to get water. Are you sure about the purity of water that you are consuming? The usage of water through different means requires setting up different standards in order to check its purity. The quality of water can be explained based on various parameters. Water quality differs depending upon the area like industrial or residential areas.

What makes you think about the water testing?

Many people these days prefer a well to get water for their daily chores and even for drinking purpose. However, they forget that even the wells might contain harmful chemicals, which they are not aware. So what you need to do is –

  1. Get your well water tested from a lab to keep yourself and your family safe.
  2. You may not have fallen sick by drinking the well water, but you could have long term ailment.
  3. If you see that your neighbour’s well has passed the water purity test then it is not necessary that your well water is also safe to consume.
  4. The quality of well water can change due to climatic conditions so you are required to test it periodically.

Even if your well water tastes fine, it does not mean that it doesn’t have unsafe chemicals. There are many harmful chemicals, which cannot be seen with the naked eyes not they have any taste. If you take proper care of your sewage system then you can also improve the quality of your well.

The reasons which make one test the water of their well

Testing your well’s water at regular intervals is highly important to keep the surroundings safe and clean. The result of the test helps you to work on the specific problem and ensure that the water supplied is contamination free. So, before using well water for livestock, agriculture or any means make sure its quality is suitable.  There are various kits available in the market these days, which helps you to check your water quality without visiting a professional.

You can check the quality of water in lead testing kit, which is available online and in stores as well. The reason why you require this testing are-

  1. To be sure that it is safe for you and animals as well.
  2. You can keep the record of changes over the time.
  3. You can also check the effectiveness of the treatment method for water quality.

Ways to purify water

The quality of water can change anytime and you will not even come to know about it, as its color, smell and taste will remain the same. Some of the techniques that you can use to purify water are-

  1. Distillation procedure.
  2. Deionization.
  3. Using household filters.
  4. Rain water technique

If you find positive results in your water sample then it is often suggested to stop using that water until the source of the problem is identified.