Breast enlargement means surgery to increase the size of breasts by inserting implants. Generally deciding to have any change in the body of a person is a major decision for him or her. So before deciding to change the shape and size of your breasts, it is better to be sure about it. There are many factors and information you should be clear about. First of all, get clear idea about the costs that include the medical procedures, consultation charges and post operative expenditures. Then look for a breast implant surgeon, research thoroughly about his previous operations and their results. Find out about the satisfaction of the patients. Always choose a board certified plastic surgeon for the procedure. Discuss everything about the procedure with the doctor for your satisfaction. For example, the type of anesthesia before the implant surgery, the size and shape of your breasts, the types of implants used and the post operative procedure and care.

There are two types of implants

  1. Silicone gel implants
  2. Saline solution implants

You also need to decide where you want your implants to be placed; under the muscles or between the breasts and muscles. You have to decide which looks more natural and comfortable to you. It is also important to know that breast enlargement or breast implantation is not long term. It is needed to be changed after some years. In case of problem with the implant, the change is necessary after a couple of years. The problems can be the leakage of implants or the rotating of implants both resulting in removing the implants and replacing them. The surgeon should discuss and explain everything in detail about the risks and complication and their treatments. Most of the time, the patients are comfortable and happy with the breasts enlargement results. But sometimes, they do not like the final result. They think they need another operation to get the desired effect. So sometimes, it becomes very difficult to satisfy the patient.

For mammograms, inform the radiographer about the implantation. Having implants in your breast will harm the results of breast cancer screening. The mammogram will help detect any leakage in implants. In case of any complication after the breast implantation surgery, contact your surgeon and discuss your problems with him. You need proper rest and medication after surgery otherwise; all the effort will go in vain.